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Pat and Viola St. Cyr, Everett Rognan, Gus Hen­ drickson, the Lee's and Halls and of course Leonard Neva was their teacher.

In the fall, 1931, the family moved to S.E. 1O-18-18W owned by Ole Olson and that was a disaster, the children had four miles to walk to school and seldom missed a day. Jock then worked at Clear Lake which still hadn't been declared a National Park.

In 1933, they moved to a house on S.E. 31-17-18W, 2 miles west of town towards the Indian Reservation. The Rushton's, Jenny, Vic and Phyllis and the MacKinnon's, Effie, Hector and Huglena all walked to school with us. This was our introduction to Erickson school and to go from a one room school to one with four rooms was quite a change for us. The principal was Mr. McGill and Mr. Irving Bateman was my teacher. Doreen started school soon after and her teacher was Miss Ruth Cassidy.

About one year later they moved into Erickson, surely an exciting day for us all, a house was rented from Mr. Nystrom and later owned by Mrs. Oleniuk. We were now very near the school and more important for us, they were almost across the street from the rink. They had many happy times in this house but in 1936 when my father left, the family were without any financial sup­ port. Syd went to work at a fox farm run by C.A. V. Johnson near Otter Lake, but $5.00 a month didn't pay many family bills.

It was here that Annie Halverson came into their life.

She came to visit one night and found Margaret and her son Doug cutting up railroad ties with a bucksaw. Annie was horrified, and told Doug to remove the sawhorse and never bring it in the house again. Starting the next day, Doug was to come down to their farm, before school, and help deliver the milk, for which they would get wood and milk. Believe it, they received alot more than that. Lily and Doug delivered the milk and he got so attached to that household that later on he stayed and worked there. There were many people in Erickson that helped them but they will never forget Annie Halverson.

One day a registered letter came saying we had to move

Doug and Jean Renton.


so they rented a house owned by Mrs. Emil Bergeson, next door to Gus Freko's. Margaret had started boarding teachers by this time and the first was Barbara Wellman. Next they had Monica Anderson who stayed for a couple of years. A year later, the family moved to a house across from the Scandia Hall, now owned by Mrs. Roy Johnson, as by now Margaret had three teachers so they needed a bigger house.

Doreen Renton

During this time Syd worked on the farm of Ab North and also worked in Ernie Gusdal's Grocery Store. Doug worked in the Creamery during the summer and on farms in the winter.

In 1940, their stay in Erickson was over. Margaret moved briefly to Brandon and then on to Victoria, B.C. She spent many years in Portland, Oregon, but now resides in Victoria, B.C.

The three children are:

Sydney, served in the Royal Canadian Navy for five years during the Second World War on the Cruiser Uganda in the Pacific Theatre. He is married and has a son and three daughters and two grandchildren. Syd is a Hospital Administrator in Toronto where the family reside.

Doug/as, served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for four years during the Second World War. He made two tours of operation as a navigator with the 405th Path­ finder Squadron in 1943-44. Doug was involved in Road Construction, retiring in 1976. Doug and his wife Jean have three sons and a daughter and six. grandchildren. The family reside in Calgary.

Doreen attended school at Erickson and since leaving the area, she has always resided in Victoria, B.C. except for a brief stay at Winnipeg and Calgary. She is an Accountant with the British Columbia Government.