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Macintyre Collegiate in Winnipeg. On January 19, 1963, Thelma married Hector Joseph Hince, born June 5, 1935, to Amede and Dora Hince at St. Claude, Manitoba formerly of Oakview, Minnesota, and St. John, North Dakota. Hector received his education at St. Claude, Manitoba and in 1953 started working at Temro Automotive where he is presently employed. Thelma is employed by the Manitoba Government Crown Lands Branch. Hector and Thelma reside in Winnipeg where their two daughters were born. Cheryl Elizabeth, born July 20, 1963, attended school at Principle Sparling, Buchanan, Hedges and Sturgeon Creek high school. On July 21, 1981, she married Paul Leo Lavallee of St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba. They have a son, Aaron Brooks, born June 13, 1982. Cheryl and son Aaron reside at Charleswood, Manitoba. Michelle Leah, born December 7, 1965, attended Buchanan, Hedges and St. James Collegiate. She is presently employed at Bogarts in Winnipeg and resides in St. Charles area.


by Joyce

Carl Fraser, was born on July 8, 1934, to Joseph and Burnette, nee Hutton, Robinson on the home quarter of S.E. 22-18-17W. Carl attended Norland school for eight years. He enjoys hockey, baseball and curling. He can remember going to play hockey on a slough behind the Scandinavia Store. With the old Eaton catalogues as shin pads, a well curved willow as the hockey stick and a frozen horse dropping as a puck, the hockey game was on. At sixteen years old he worked for farmers during threshing time getting up before the sun rose and working till after the sun set. Then he worked at a sawmill in Golden, British Columbia, with his brother Colin for a year. He then came back and worked on the farm.

On August 16, 1959, he married Joyce Laverne Sichewski, daughter of Steve and Mary, nee Black, Sichewski. Joyce was born on February 21, 1939, on S. W. 8-19-20W, attended and finished her schooling in Elphinstone and attended Normal school in Tuxedo during the summer of 1957 and that term she taught at Norland school. After Carl and Joyce were married they moved onto the farm that they are presently living on. Carl bought the S. W. 23-18-17W, from Issac Anderson in 1955. It was once owned by Frank Lawrence and Maria Engman in 1905.

With his steam engine, Carl's brother Colin moved a log cabin onto their quarter, which was home for the next few years. It was built by Horfield Evanson and was built out of flatteners and had two rooms. During the winter nights, the water in the water pail was frozen. For the next couple of years clothes were washed on the dear old scrub board and two five gallon pails were their running water, the well was the fridge. Of course, whenever there was a thunderstorm, the milk and cream would go sour. They milked two cows and sold cream. For half a can of cream they got six dollars and were able to get a lot of groceries for it.

In 1960, they bought their first car, a 1940 Plymouth for seventy-five dollars. It was even equipped with a

crank which both Carl and Joyce used quite often.

In 1960, they moved to Neepawa, where Carl got a job with Macow and Macdonald Construction, building the big bridges east of Neepawa. If their memory serves them correctly, he got one dollar fifty cents an hour. They moved to an upstairs suite which had no stove or fridge, so until they were able to, a hot plate served as the first electric stove, Joyce boiled potatoes and eggs on the electric iron and kept the milk cold in the holding tank of the toilet. That November after construction was finished, they moved back to the farm. During that winter Carl got a timber permit to cut logs in the Riding Mountain National Park, which later was sawn up into lumber.

In the spring of 1961, Carl started working for the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam as a cat operator and later a grader operator and currently is working for them.

In 1963, they bought S.E. 23-18-17W from Norman and Vaughan Parks, the homestead of John and Anne Helen Thompson. In 1965, they started building their present home and in 1966 they moved in. It surely was a switch living in it from living in the log cabin even though it certainly wasn't finished inside.

What with both of them working, they were able to buy their farm equipment. Joyce has worked for Parks Canada at various jobs and is still working as tower­ person during the spring seasons.

In 1981, they bought N.E. 17-18-17W from Jack and Harriet Wilson. On the evening of August 14, 1982, a tornado hit, falling and uprooting aspen and spruce trees with a two foot diameter and snapping the tops off them as if they were toothpicks. During its course, it broke the picture window in the house, upturned and smashed a small grainary and a steer's grain trough, tore the shingling of the new chicken house which had been just completed. They were very thankful that nobody was hurt or that their house wasn't torn down or blown away. This is one evening they will always remember.

Joyce and Carl were blessed with four children; Delores Arlene, born on February 27, 1959. She at­ tended Erickson Elementary and Erickson Collegiate. Delores liked and took part in figure skating, hockey, soccer, basketball and volleyball. Delores took cooking in 4-H. For a year after Delores finished school, she worked in Winnipeg. Delores married Dennis Wolski, youngest son of Joe and Kathleen Wolski on August 21, 1976. They have two children; Evan Michael born January 24, 1977, and Brenda Ann, born September 9, 1979. Dennis and Delores live in Hinton, Alberta, where Dennis is employed by R. Angus as a Heavy Duty Mechanic.

Sherri Irene, born on April 5, 1960, attended Erickson Elementary and Erickson Collegiate. Sherri took part in Hockey, figure skating, soccer, basketball and volleyball. When Sherri was in Grade 4 she was awarded a plaque. Sherri took crafts in 4-H. On May 28, 1977, Sherri married Brian Woywada, son of Frank and Nellie Woywada. They have five children; Carrie Lynn born June 15, 1977, Randy Lee born September 5, 1978, Cory James, born November 5, 1979, and Justin Trevor born February 10, 1981. Their fourth son Timothy Chad, born November 2, 1983. Brian is a Grain Buyer with Pioneer