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once played Professional Hockey. Larry is now a Fireman in Winnipeg where he and Leslie and three children reside. They are; Frances Lanie, born February 17, 1974, Mitchell Kenneth Lawrence born August 2, 1978, and Riley Miles born September 29, 1980. Lyle Joseph, born August 20, 1955, and is employed by the Winnipeg Transit System. Coleen Lorraine, born August 27, 1957, married Robert Souch, who is employed by the Canadian National Railway. Their two children are:

Melissa Christine born October 15, 1980, and William Joseph born October 23, 1981. The family reside in Winnipeg.

Ivan Porter was born April 23, 1928, in the Bethany area and attended school at Norland. On April 18, 1960, he married Roxanne Marie Bowden, daughter of Percy and Stella Bowden of Virden. She was born November 1, 1938. Ivan and Roxanne acquired E. 22-18-17W known as part of the Robinson Family farm which Ivan operates. Roxanne teaches at the Erickson Elementary School. Their two daughters are: Della Marcel, born January 11, 1962, at Erickson Medical Nursing Unit, attended Erickson Elementary and Collegiate. On July 1, 1978, Della married Wayne Neufield of Morden, Manitoba. They and a son Douglas reside in Winnipeg. Barbara Anne, born May 21, 1965, at Minnedosa Hospital, attended the Erickson Elementary and Collegiate. She is presently enrolled at Assiniboine Community College, Brandon.

Roxanne's parents, Percy and Stella Bowden moved from Virden, Manitoba, and resided in a home in the daughter and son-in-law's yard. They later purchased a small parcel of land, built a new home and resided there until their demise.

Ross McKenzie, born April 10, 1930, in the Bethany district and attended school at Norland. On April 6, 1954, he married Gloria Lorraine Crooks, born Sep­ tember 21, 1929. They have since divorced. Ross owns an Office Cleaning business and resides at Quesnel, B.C.

Jean Marie, born February 28, 1932, on S.E. 22-18- 17W, and attended school at Norland. She married Robert Thomas "Bob" Lavineway, born August 9, 1926, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lavineway, Shoal Lake. Bob was a guard at Headingley Correctional Institute. Bob passed away on June 25,1981, and Jean resides on N.E. 22-18-17W on her brother Ivan's farm. Bob and Jean's seven children are: Murray Donald, born May 26, 1948, married Mary Kopeechuk, daughter of Jack and Kate Kopeechuk. They had two children, Orville Michael born October 21" 1974 and Jackie Myrna born March 20, 1977. Murray and Mary have since divorced. Murray is now married to Dawn Leckie and they reside at Quesnel, B.C. Donna Jean, born May 24, 1950, married Steve Garland, born May 16, 1948. They have a daughter Cally Dawn born March 23, 1973, and the family reside at Argyle, Manitoba. Dwight Alvin, born May 4, 1951, married Sharon Campbell, born September 21, 1950. They have three children, Judith Lynne born December 21, 1970, Scott Robert born August 9, 1975, and Lauren Helen born September 9, 1978. They reside in Winnipeg. Dennis Ross was born April 11, 1953. On July 27, 1974, he married Heather Campbell, born June 5, 1955. Their three children are; Glen Cory born November 15, 1975,


Ian Ross born April 24, 1979, and Mark Robert John born September 4, 1980. They reside in Winnipeg. Debbie Irene, born November 24, 1956, married Siegfried Kempen on August 9, 1975, and have since divorced. Debbie is residing in Calgary. Kimberley, born December 6, 1958, and is employed and residing in Calgary. Shannon, born September 3, 1962, and resides and works in Winnipeg.

Carl Fraser, born July 8, 1934. (refer to Robinson, Carl and Joyce).

Thelma and Hector Hince.

Thelma Irene, born August 1, 1936, on S.E. 22-18- 17W, and completed grade nine at Norland school. She worked a short time at the Erickson Creamery and later attended school at Isaac Newton high school and Daniel

Cheryl and Michelle Hince.