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by Madeline

William Howard, born October 13, 1901, at Homewood, Manitoba, and received his education at Roland, Manitoba. In 1924, he moved to Elm Creek, Man., where he worked in his Uncle's Pharmacy. After attending the University of Manitoba, he graduated in 1931 as a Pharmacist and took over his Uncle's Drug Store for three years. In 1934, Howard married Madeline Jamieson, of Elm Creek, Manitoba. They moved to Erickson, and opened his newly built Pharmacy. He continued in business until 1953 when he sold to Jack and Isabel Edwards. For several years, Howard was a relief Pharmacist. He enjoyed fishing. Howard passed away on September 12, 1982. Madeline is a member of the Erickson Hospital Aid and is presently residing in Erickson.

Howard Shaw - 1944.


by Viola Burkett

Theodor "Magnus" Challborn, Shellborn was born in 1858 in Sweden. He immigrated to Canada, arriving in Ottawa in May, 1896. Magnus and Amanda Sundt were married in Ottawa. She had also immigrated to Canada from Sweden.

In a letter dated June 14, 1896, Magnus wrote. "The weather in Ottawa is warm. The only languages spoke are French, Irish and Indian. I plan to go to Winnipeg, where it won't be so warm and besides there are Swedes there" .

Magnus, Amanda and little son Roy came to Min­ nedosa. Magnus was a Tailor by trade. He applied for a

homestead S.E. 22-17-18W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam on December 14, 1898 and received the title October 28, 1908. Magnus continued Tailoring and his new venture in farming which wasn't easy.

A lake on the homestead S.E. 22-17-18W is known as "Tailor Lake".

Amanda was a music teacher, she walked for miles to teach a lesson for a wage of a few eggs. Due to illness, Magnus was confined to a wheelchair and made his home with son and daughter-in-law, Roy and Martha, from 1921 to his death in 1938. He was buried at the Municipal cemetery, Erickson.

In the late 1920's, Amanda and her daughter Alice moved to Santa Barbara, California. Amanda passed away in 1953.

Magnus and Amanda Shellborn.

Magnus and Amanda had four children;

Roy, born September 25, 1897. (refer to Shellborn, Roy and Martha).

Ernest Birger, born August 6, 1899. (refer to Challborn, Ernest and Hulda).

Emil, was born on his parents' homestead May 3, 1905. In 1914~ at the age of nine, he marched off to the small schoolhouse in Erickson. I had a slate, a slate pencil and a lard pail to carry my lunch in. When I went to school I met my good teacher, Mrs. Woods, but I couldn't understand her lingo as she was newly out from England. I'm sure that she couldn't understand me either because we spoke only Swedish at home. I was put in a homemade double desk which was pretty well carved up by older boys with more learning than I had. I remember my seat partner's name was Wasey. Wasey kept talking all the time but his lingo was also different than mine. However, his laughing I could understand, it sounded like Swedish. His breath was different to and I learned later that was from garlic. To me, Wasey was a good teacher ... he spoke Ukrainian to me and I talked back to him in Swedish. So we both made good progress and after about a week of school my brother asked me if I had learned any English yet. "Sure do", I said. "Well, what did you learn then?" I proudly replied, "Dobra".