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"You're crazy," my brother said, "that's Ukrainian". That made me mad. The first car I remember seeing in Erickson at that time came putt, putting by the school. All the kids ran to the fence to watch it go by. It was a spanking, new, black, Model T Ford with a bright, shiny, brass radiator. The proud owner was Peter Abel who lived behind the poplar bluff close to the school. One of the little Swedish girls ran in to tell the teacher about the car. She said it went with "an awful fort", which means speed in Swedish. I didn't get much education as we had to go out to work when very young to help out at home. But I'll never forget the good things my parents tried to teach me and I wish they were still around so I could say 'Thank you Mom and Dad for the good things you did for your boy'. Emil married Esther Eastland and they have four children. Their oldest daughter, Frances Johns, was born in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam in 1925. They moved to B.C. and their other three children, Ruby, Doris and Daryl were born there. I'm getting on in years now and my wife, Esther and I will soon be celebrating 50 years together. We have eleven grand­ children and eight great-grandchilden whom we are proud of. We now reside in Jaffray, B.C.

Alice was born January 9, 1908 on S.E. 22-17-18W.

Alice and her mother moved to Santa Barbara, California. She married Edwin Rick. In 1978 Edwin passed away, Alice continues to reside in Santa Barbara, California.


by Viola Burkett

Roy, eldest son of Theodor "Magnus" and Amanda Shellborn was born September 25, 1897 at Ottawa, Ontario. He came with his parents to Minnedosa and then to the homestead S.E. 22-17-18W in the Westmount district. After he attended school at Hilltop for two years, Roy worked on the family farm and also worked away from home stooking and on local threshing gangs.

On February 21, 1921, Roy married Martha Gud­ brandson at Clanwilliam. Martha was born in Vardal, Norway, the eldest daughter of Anton and Ragna Gudbrandson of the Westmount district. Roy and Martha's first home was in Erickson, where he had a dray business and drove the municipal doctor on calls in the area.

In 1921, Roy's father, then a cripple in a wheelchair, came to live with them until his demise. They moved to N.E. 15-17-18W to farm and Roy also farmed S.E. 5-17- 18W. They also lived here for a time in two granaries, then returned to N.E. 15-17-18W. He had purchased this land from the Manitoba and Northwest Lands Corp. In 1933, the N.W. 16-17-18W was purchased so the children would have a shorter distance to attend school at Westmount, also the roads were better. By 1936, the family had increased to nine. Roy was active in the community, a trustee on the Westmount School Board, Pool Elevator Board and was one of the group who organized the Co-op Store in the community. He later was a Director and President of the Co-op board.

Seven children attended school at the same time and


lunches made with home-baked bread kept mother busy. Through the depression years, living on the farm, we never went hungry. Everything was homemade, bread, butter, jams and jellies, sausages, head-cheese, and even ice-cream, and thinking back, it was delicious! During the war years Westmount Community Club helped the Red Cross and mom's patience was tried keeping stitches on our knitting needles. Rations were not as hard to contend with as having two sons go off to war. Prayers were met and after the war we were a complete family again.

A rink was made on the Ernie Challborn lake, for outdoor entertainment, mostly hockey during the winter months. Being a large family, they had their own team.

At Harper's auction sale, Roy purchased an organ for $5.00 which became a much cherished item along with the other musical instruments the family learned to play. The family remember the house parties with their father Roy calling the square dances and the dances at Westmount School with the music provided by Ed Lariviere, Steve Marcino, Ruth and Bert Skogstad.

By April 17, 1953, Roy had changed their surname from Challborn to Shellborn. Roy and Martha purchased more land in the Pacey Lake area and by 1947, Sons Olav and Emil took over the farming operation. Roy and Martha built a new home on the outskirts of Erickson where Martha kept boarders and they sold milk on a mini scale. Roy and neighbor Andrew Jacobsen were ardent fans at the curling and skating rink, where some of Roy and Martha's sons played senior hockey.

Martha was a member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Ladies' Aid. After spending the winter of 1955 in British Columbia, they returned home, had an auction sale and sold their property. They moved to Whonock, B.C. and later to Haney, B.C. where in February 1971, they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends.

Roy passed away on October 26, 1971 and was buried at Haney, B.C. In 1983, the Shellborn family had a reunion which delighted Martha very much. She con­ tinues to reside at Haney, B.c.

Roy and Martha were blessed with nine children; Olav, Mae, Glen, Raymond, Emil, Robert, Floyd, Doris and Viola.

Olav, born April 4, 1922. (refer to Shell born, Olav and Lula).

Mae, born May 8, 1923 on N.E. 15-17-18W, attended school at Hilltop and Westmount where she completed grade eight. She was then employed at Harvey and Alvhild Johnson's home and also helped Alvhild care for Karna Jacobson until her demise. Later, Mae worked as a waitress at D. Y. Billy's Cafe and during this period, she was baptised and confirmed in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church where she was also a Luther League member and Sunday school teacher. On July 16, 1944, Mae married Roy Skogstad, son of Bert and Ruth Skogstad. The service was at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Erickson. (refer to Skogstad, Bert and Ruth).

Glen, born August 5, 1924. (refer to Shellborn, Glen and Ada).

Raymond, born April 30, 1926 on S.E. 5-17-18W, attended school at Hilltop for two years and the