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four children, Ronald, Bruce, Gayle and Linton, all residing in Ontario. Delores born April 21, 1926 at Hilltop. She was the daughter of Victor and Nellie Sjogren. After her mother Nellie's death, Delores was taken by her Aunt Lydia and Uncle John and raised as their own. Delores attended Crocus and Grey school. She married Arthur Brophy and they reside in Winnipeg. John and Lydia celebrated their Fiftieth wedding an­ niversary in 1970. John passed away February 9, 1972. Lydia is residing at the Personal Care Home in Min­ nedosa.

John and Lydia Nystrom.

Ingrid Victoria was born July 1, 1899, at Hilltop on N.E. 12-17-18W. She married Helge Holmberg. (refer to Holmberg, Helge and Ingrid).

Hilma was born March 22, 1902, at Hilltop on N.E. 12-17-18W. She married Ernest Jacobson. (refer to Jacobson, Ernest and Hilma).

Alfred John was born July 12, 1904, at Hilltop on N.E. 12-17-18W. He attended school at Hilltop. Alfred worked on the farm and was a Fur Buyer. Alfred married Edith Holmberg, daughter of Nils Holmberg on May 28, 1926. Edith was born August 20, 1908. They moved to Hammond, B.C. They had five children; Aubrey born January 4, 1927, Arleigh born January 29, 1932, Judine born March 8, 1938, and Jacqueline born August 30, 1941.

Alfred and Edith are presently living at Haney, B.C. Jennie Margaret was born March 20,1907, on N.E. 12- 17-18W. Jennie married Jim Pollon. They didn't have a family. She passed away October 25, 1944, and was buried at the Erickson cemetery. Jim was a resident of East View Lodge, Neepawa. Jim passed away on June 12, 1983, at 79 years and is buried at the Municipal cemetery, Erickson.


Jonas was born in 1894, in Stumbacked, Sweden. He married Augusta Lindgren, who was born in 1891 in Sweden. They immigrated to Canada in 1907, and settled in Scandinavia, Manitoba. Jonas applied for his homestead on N.E. 20-18-17W on February 27, 1908, and received his patent on October 31, 1912. He worked at various jobs such as road work, carpentry, bricklaying, stone work and also had a small sawmill and August Bergwall was his partner. He also did custom threshing.

Jonas and Augusta continued living at Scandinavia until 1919, when they sold their farm and moved to Roseburg, Oregon, where they made their new home. Several other settlers also moved to Oregon, such as Lindgren, Sutherland and the Hansons. They had eight children, Fritz, Stanley, Olof, Andy, Bernard, Edna, Elsie, and Alma.

Fritz, their oldest son did go to school in Scandinavia and Norland. He also served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Jonas and Augusta have passed away, their children reside in the Oregon area.

Jonas and Augusta Sjogren and son Fritz.

Jonas and Augusta Sjogren Family. Left to Right: Fritz. Stanley. Olaf. Andy. Bernard. Seated: Edna. Elsie and Alma.