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by Annie Hanson

Nels emigrated from Vilhelmine Soverlige, Sweden. In 1905, he came to the Scandinavia area in Manitoba. He homesteaded N .E. 4-18-17W on February 26, 1906. He then received his patent on August 12, 1910.

Anna Johanna Danielsen, came over from Sweden in 1905, and Nels and Anna were married on May 24, 1905. They farmed till 1913, when Nels was accidently killed by being run over by a team of horses pulling a caboose.

Anna stayed on the farm until 1924 when she moved to Erickson, Manitoba. In 1926, she passed away. They had five children, all born at Scandinavia.

Nels, the oldest went to work at Kirkland Lake Gold Mine in Ontario. He worked there until he passed away at the age of fifty-three years.

John Albert, worked for farmers in Manitoba, later moving to British Columbia. In 1934, he started working at the Hammond Cedar Mill at Port Hammond, B.C. He came back to Erickson for five months, returning to British Columbia and continuing to work at the Mill. John married Margaret Hanson, daughter of Anton and Martha Hanson of Port Hammond, B.C. In 1952, he went to work for Flovelle Cedar at Port Moody, B.C. He retired in 1969.

Alais worked around the Erickson district for some years. In 1934, he left for Port Hammond, B.C. Then he came back to Erickson for a short time and returned to B.C. and continued to work in the Hammond Cedar Mill until he was called into the army in 1942. He went overseas, came back from overseas in 1946, continued work at the mill. He was married and they had four children, Peter, Bobby, Barbara and Peggy. Alias passed away in 1966 at the age of fifty-five years.

Annie made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Seiland on S.W. 30-17-18W for many years, she attended school at Erickson. Annie married Charlie Hanson. (refer to Hanson, Anton and Martha).

Freda married Jack Murdock of Winnipeg, Manitoba, they moved to B.C. in 1940. They had three children, Gordon, working at the mill in Pitt Meadows, B.C. Keith lives at Russell, Manitoba. Nelson, is a male nurse at Terrace Hospital in Terrace, B.C.


by Esther Reid

In 1937, Alvin and Gellen Sjovold and their four daughters; Juanita, Viola, Irene and Esther moved from Outlook, Saskatchewan, to Erickson. For a few months they lived on a farm in the Hilltop area. In 1938, they settled in the Westmount District on the Harper farm which Alvin and Gellen later purchased.

Farming in the 1940's and on was a busy and difficult time for Alvin and Gellen, but they also experienced many enjoyable and rewarding years. There were always neighbours to lend a helping hand especially during harvest and wood sawing bees.

Regardless of busy days, there was also some time set aside for a social life. Neighbours gathered for cards in


each other's homes. At times, there were dances and whist drives to attend at the school for the families in the community. One of the highlites of the summer was having a picnic at Clear Lake or Ditch Lake with relations and friends. Alvin and Gellen took an active part in the community life. Gellen was a member of the Westmount Red Cross Group and a member of the Ladies Aid of the Lutheran Church. Alvin was a trustee for the Westmount School district for a period of time. Alvin, Gellen and family belonged to the Lutheran Church.

In 1964, Alvin and Gellen retired from the farm. They built a house in Erickson and lived there during their retired years. Alvin passed away in 1970. Gellen is now living in the Parkland Home in Erickson.

Juanita, oldest daughter of Alvin and Gellen Sjovold, came with her parents to the Erickson district at the age of 14 years in November, 1937. Finishing my schooling at Westmount in 1939, I helped out at home, working in Erickson Cafe. I went to B.C. where I was employed for about two years. I came back and found employment at Woolworth's in Winnipeg as a clerk. Later going to work at Gustafson's Transfer in Erickson as a bookkeeper. I was confirmed in Erickson Lutheran church and also belonged to the Luther League. On November 26, 1949, I married Williard Anderson of Erickson. (refer to An­ derson, Williard and Juanita)

Viola came with her parents Alvin and Gellen Sjovold to the Erickson district from Saskatchewan in November, 1937, at the age of twelve years. She went to various schools where her parents settled, finishing at Westmount school in 1940. While at home, I belonged to the Westmount Red Cross group, our main object to knit articles and make up parcels to send to our Westmount boys who were overseas during World War II. Many times, friends and I would walk five miles to Erickson and back for the mail. Times got better so we got a bicycle. I was confirmed in the Erickson Lutheran Church. In the forties, several people hired help in the homes where I would help out, working also in Erickson Cafe, some summers working at Clear Lake.

In 1945, I went to B.C. where I was employed for two years. I was working for Mrs. John Marcino in 1949, where I met Charlie Karton. Later I worked in Tremont Hotel in Minnedosa. On November 24, 1951, I married Charlie and we made our home at Makinak, Manitoba. (refer to Karton, Sydney and Mary Jane)

Irene first arrived in the Erickson district in 1937 with her parents Alvin and Gellen Sjovold and her sisters. I attended Erickson school for a brief period of time and continued my education in the Hilltop School district where my parents had since moved. Again, this was not the location for our family's future so we moved to the Westmount district where my parents farmed for many years.

Our life on the farm was a happy, busy time, helping my parents, receiving an education, being confirmed and all that entails an active farm life.

I continued my education in Westmount school. Our school was a one room schoolhouse where our teacher taught classes from grades 1 to 8 and occasionally helped a grade 9 student who was taking the course by