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John August Skoglund Family. Back, Left to Right: John, Knut, Hans, Alfred. Front: Emmy, Christina, Albert, August and Esther.

Skoglund. They could not ascertain whether they were related but the surname was enough of a bond for the doctor to send Alfred back to England rather than put him in a French hospital. Alfred has often made the remark that few, if any, soldiers in his regiment got as many parcels and cards as he did. This was an example of the close knit family unit and the community support that was given to soldiers who served overseas.

John and Kristina spent their whole life in Canada, living in the Hilltop district although in later years they moved from their home on Section 28. In 1935, Kristina passed on, the result of a heart condition, at the age of 69 and in 1937, August followed, then in his early 70's. August and Kristina spent the last few years of their lives living with their youngest son, Albert.

Knut, the eldest of the tall Skoglund boys, married Violet Churchill, a teacher at Lund School. Kristina had never learned to speak English, but this did not daunt Violet who learned to understand Swedish well and could converse with Farmor (Grandma) quite easily. This was partly due to Knut's kind nature and partly to Violet's interest in Grandma. Knut farmed about a mile from the home place until the late 1920's when the family moved to Morris. Times were difficult and Knut hoped that this move would prove profitable. They continued to live in Morris until Knut died in the mid 1950's. They had five children - Alice, Alma, Ronald and Dorothy born in Hilltop and Kenneth born in Morris. Ronald continued to farm on the Morris home place until his retirement and Violet is still living in Morris. Ken, after living for several years in southern Ontario, came back to Manitoba to start farming in Cardale, where he and his son John now farm.

John did not become a farmer but instead chose to become a harness maker. His talents lay in the use of his hands and he was a great musician as well, able to play any instrument he came across. He married Rosanna, a nurse. They lived in the Erickson district for a time but later moved to Minnedosa, then to Tisdale, Saskat­ chewan, and after reitrement to Vancouver Island. John and Rosanna had four children - Roy, Lillian, Allan and Evelyn. Roy was drowned at an early age and the double tragedy of that was, his body was never found. This tragedy took a lot out of John and Rosanna and both are now gone.

Alfred, after returning from the War also became a farmer living on S.E. 21-17-17W. He married Edith Jansson and they lived on the farm until Alfred's death in 1972, at the age of 75. Alfred was quite involved in Municipal affairs. He was a Trustee for several years, Councillor for many years and Reeve of Municipality for two years. Edith and Alfred had three children - Gordon, Phyllis and Frances. Gordon also became a farmer with his Dad until he married Selma Johnson, moved to S.W. 22-17-17W, and continued on his own. They have three children - Elliot, a carpenter and part-time farmer, married and living in Erickson. Craig, received his Degree in Medicine from the University of Manitoba in 1977, after taking part of his training in Upsala, Sweden. He is now practicing at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. Susan, a nurse, now Mrs. Gerald Woywada, is now living close to where Gordon farms on N.W. 22-17- 17W.

Phyllis took her teacher training in Winnipeg and her university degrees in Brandon and after teaching in various places is now Principal of Cypress River School.