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Frances married John Wolsli - refer to Wolski family. Hans, another of the tall Skoglund's, chose farming as his life work, farming different areas in Hilltop. He married Emma Larson and they had two girls, Vivian and Irene. Hans and Emma were a very friendly, helpful and cheerful couple. They were very involved in the Baptist Church. Hans had a great sense of humor and many will remember him for his kindness and hearty laughter. Hans did not reach an old age but died in 1961, in his early sixties, a victim of cancer. Vivian married Lennart Larson and they had one daughter, Judy. Irene married Jerry Bolton and they have three children - Lorilee, J ames and Blair.

Esther, the oldest daughter, married Knut Peterson.

They made their home in the Hilltop and Erickson areas until they retired and moved to B.C. where their sons had gone before. Esther and Knut had four children ­ Gunnar, Elvira, Lloyd and Earl. They had a great sadness in their lives when Elvira, 20 and Lloyd, 15 died within two weeks of one another. One death is hard to accept but to lose two children so close together must have been almost more than Knut and Esther could bear. The two both died from complications that set in as a result of measles. Both Knut and Esther died in B.C. Earl is married and has two daughters, Barbara and Linda (refer to K. Peterson).

Emmy, the second daughter, married Emil Larson and they farmed in the Hilltop area until they retired and moved to Erickson. They had six children - Lawrence, Edna, Roger, Florence, Gerald and Delmar. Emmy still lives in Erickson and continues to be, as she was throughout her whole life, a very active church member and active in all aspects of community life (refer Larson history).

Albert, the youngest son, also chose farming as his life career. He farmed in the Hilltop area and later moved to

Albert Skoglund Family - 1980. Left to Right: Lula, Viola, Astrid and Albert.


Erickson where he farmed until he retired to move into town. He married Astrid Jannson and they had two daughters, Lula and Viola. Albert and Astrid still live in Erickson and take a keen interest in family and com­ munity affairs. Albert has been involved in various school and church boards. Lula married Olav Shellborn and they had five children - Allan, Karen, Ryan, Connie and Carol (refer to O. Shellborn). Viola married Jim Emerson and they have two children - Paul and Elan.

The John Skoglund descendants are still very much a part of the Clanwilliam municipality where John and Kristina chose to settle and pioneer this part of the province. The imprint that they left is still very much in evidence and all the Skoglund descendents are very much aware of what they owe to the example and teachings, the courage and strength, the honesty and devotion, the honor, the belief in God that the pioneer Skoglunds left to them!


by Harry Skoglund

Anna Skoglund's parents. PUr and Matilda Anderson.

Olof and Anna Skoglund, pioneers of the Erickson district during the early 1900's, were, together with Olof's brother August and wife Kristina, the beginning of the Skoglund Clan which now number many, with a few still residing in this district.

Olof Alfred Skoglund was born in Varmland, Sweden, on August 3, 1867, but immigrated to North America at about the turn of the century, arriving in New York, U.S.A., but eventually working his way to the Erickson district of Manitoba, Canada, where his brother August and family had previously arrived and had taken up homesteading on land about ten miles east of the present town of Erickson. Olof made his home with August and family at times, but working otherwise at jobs at lumber camps, railroad construction, etc., then finally returned