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the Canadian Army. After his discharge, he commenced working for the Canadian Pacific Railway as a Train Dispatcher. In 1947, he married Julie Fedyk of Keewatin, Ontario. They now reside in Winnipeg. They have five children; Douglas is at Thunder Bay, as a Mine Inspector for Ontario. He is married to Feona Barnes from Elliott Lake, Ontario. They have one son Matthew born in 1982. Donald is at Nelson, B.C., where he has his own law firm. He is married to Valare Rude from Yarmouth, N.S. They have one child, Dana born in 1983. Donnamae is in Houston, Texas, where she works as a Word Processor. She is married to Len Hilton, who is an Engineer in Oil field work. They have no children. David is in Winnipeg working for Manitoba Hydro, in the Computer related field. He is married to Shelly Anderson from Selkirk, Manitoba. She is an Investor Consultant with Montreal Trust, they have no children. Diane is in Winnipeg working for the Winnipeg Recreational Department as a Pool Supervisor Swim Instructor. She is married to Douglas Spiers, who is a News Reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press. They have no children.

Walter, son of Bert and Ruth Skogstad was born at Dunblane, Saskatchewan, moved to the Erickson district with his parents in 1937 at the age of eight years. He attended Lund school from 1937-1941, and then to Erickson school. He then worked for the C.P.R. from 1947-1966, at various points in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. In 1952, Wally married Mary Baisley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Baisley, a station agent in Erickson at that time. In 1966, Wally left the C.P.R. and moved from Darlingford back to Erickson with Mary and four of their five children, Shannon, Vaughn, Karly, and Traci, the oldest girl Ham remained in Darlingford to complete her high school education. Wally and Mary purchased Wally's Cafe and Mallard Room from Wally Townley. In 1968, they left the cafe and moved to the Frank Johnston farm and Wally then worked at the Distillery in Minnedosa until 1972. In 1970, the family moved to Clanwilliam. Wally then worked for the C.N.R. as a relief agent. In 1974, Wally attended ACC taking Appliance Repair. Upon graduation, Wally and Mary established Wally's Appliance Repair in Clan william, which is still a thriving little business today.

Wally and Mary have five children: Karn Sandy, married to Joe Ria, and they reside in Winnipeg and he presently is employed as Manager in the Word Processing Consulting Services Department of the Provincial Government. Shannon, married to Vladimir Koversky, have a son Sasha. They reside in Winnipeg, where Shannon owns and operates "Serinity" a hairdressing shop. Vaughan is a District Manager for Artie Co-op and is stationed in Churchill. He married Viola Depart and they have two children; Sean and Shannon. Karly, following her graduation from high school worked at the Erickson Credit Union. She married Gerald Boyd a farmer from Bethany and is now a contented housewife with two children, Marla and Jami. Traci, graduated from Minnedosa Collegiate and is presently taking Science at the University of Manitoba.

Doreen was born at Dunblane, Saskatchewan on April 21, 1933, and moved to Manitoba with her parents in 1937. She received her education at Lund, Hilltop, Tales

and Erickson. After graduating in 1951, Doreen taught on a permit at a country school near Plumas, Manitoba. After completing her teachers training in Winnipeg, Doreen returned to teach at the same school. She later taught school at Sidney, Manitoba, where she met Philip Stephenson, whom she married in 1955. They farm and are very active in all sports, and are willing to help in community and church affairs. Philip served on the school board for several years and is presently on the Community Centre board. Jeffrey, their eldest son was killed accidentally at the age of 16 years. Brian, married, and farms with his dad. They have a son, born August 13, 1983. Curtis lives at home and is still attending school.


by Martina

Christian Fjordside, "Chris", was born on February 10, 1904, on a farm near Vandborg, Denmark. After his schooling he began apprenticing as a mechanic and later served in the Royal Danish Army. In April, 1928, Chris immigrated to Canada, first working on a farm at Neepawa, Man. where the farmer's son taught Chris to speak, read and write English. The farmer introduced Chris to a Mr. Pedlar, a garage owner at Neepawa, and he was hired as a mechanic.

At Christmas, 1930, Chris stayed at the Danish Christian Young People's Home, where he met Martina Marie Neilson, daughter of Daniel and Bodil Neilson of the R.M. of Clanwilliam. On January 4, 1932, they were married at Hartney, Man., where Chris was working at the time.

They moved to Neepawa for a short time before moving to Erickson. In 1935, Chris started his own

Martina and Chris Skovmose.