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church work, they enjoy their family and grandchildren. They bowl and curl and are also avid square dancers. They travel a lot and are enjoying good health. They have three children: Sharlyn was born at Lady Minto Hospital, Minnedosa in May, 1946. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a B.A. in Psychology. She married Fritz Mohlman in 1974, and have built their own home at Whonnock, B.C. They have two boys; Martin and Eric. Gerald completed his carpenter apprenticeship in 1972, and is at present Superintendent at the Halse Martin Construction Company. He married Pat Daye in 1976. They have made their home at Port Coquitlam, B.C., and have two boys Daryl and David. Valerie graduated a Registered Nurse in 1982 and is presently working at the Royal Columbian Hospital. She married Ronald Arm­ stron in October, 1982, and they live at Pitt Meadows, B.C.

Norma was born at Dunblane, Saskatchewan, in March 1917, took her schooling at West Point school and in 1935, married Arthur Mcintosh, who was born at Birsay, Saskatchewan in 1912. They moved to Erickson, Manitoba in October, 1937. Arthur came by train with George Knight's stock and household furnishings. He helped George and Daisy get settled on the Wetteland farm. In December, Norma and Arthur moved to John Booth's farm in the Hilltop district and worked for him all winter. In the spring, Arthur went to work for August Larsen. Later they moved to the Krisco farm in the Westmount district and Arthur helped Tony Holmlund with chores and sawing wood. In the spring of 1939, they moved to the G. Gusdal farm and worked for Hartley West, who farmed this land and P.K. Peterson farm. In the fall of 1939, they moved to the Robert Hjelmeland farm and did his chores while he spent the winter in Wisconsin. They worked there all summer and in the fall went to Saskatchewan for the harvest. In the spring of 1940, Arthur worked for Ted Neilson, doing carpentry work at Clear Lake. They lived in a tent during the summers and in Ernie Gusdal's cabin for the winter months. Ted and Arthur went to Winnipeg in the fall of 1941, to look for work. They got jobs with Trans Canada Air Lines. They lived in Winnipeg for six months. Thinking the job wouldn't last, Ethel Neilson and their two girls and Norma and their two girls moved back to Erickson. Norma went to stay with her brother Roy, who was farming Thos Mcinnes' farm and their daughter went to Westmount School. Lorraine would meet Leslie Mcinnes at the corner and they rode their bikes on to school. Seeing the job at T .C.A. held out, they moved back to Winnipeg in the fall of 1942 and Arthur con­ tinued to work there until October, 1953, when they moved to Riverside, California, where they now reside. Arthur retired from General Electric Company in 1975, because of ill health. Norma retired from Montgomery Wards in July, 1982, where she had worked for several years. Arthur and Norma have two daughters; Lorraine, their eldest daughter was born in Dunblane, Saskat­ chewan, on February 8, 1936. She came with her parents to Erickson in 1937, and then to Riverside, California, in 1953. She married Jesse McCurdy and they have one daughter Melinda. Eleanor was born at Mrs. Biczo's Nursing Home at Erickson in November, 1938, and left


with her parents to Riverside, California. There she married Dale Frye. They have two boys, Terry and Kenneth.

Herbert was born at Dunblane, Saskatchewan on September 2, 1915, and received his education at West Point school. He moved to Manitoba with his parents in 1937. Herb and his younger brother Albert came with the cattle, machinery, and household effects by train. He stayed home and helped with the farm work until 1941, when he went to Trail, B.C., to work in the smelter. He then worked for Harry Hayes and Company of Calgary, Alberta, for three years, one of his chores being, taking carloads of cattle to Mexico. Herb spent sometime in Port Alberni and Vancouver, B.C., before returning to Erickson to farm with his older brother Roy, and to work at elevator construction until 1956. He then farmed on his own until 1966. When his mother passed away, Herb stayed with his dad until his death in 1977. Herb worked for farmers, did odd jobs around town and made taxitrips. He is now retired and lives in his own home in Erickson. He enjoys meeting the boys at the coffee shop and playing bingo.

Gordon was born at Dunblane, Saskatchewan, and received his education there. He didn't come out with his parents in 1937, but spent some time with them later. Gordon joined the Army and there he met Mae Me­ Witter. They were married in 1944. After the war they lived in Victoria, B.C., Gordon working for a roofing company and remained with them until his death in 1976. Mae works and resides in Victoria, B.C. They had two children: Gordon Jr. lives and works in Victoria, B.C. Lynn is married and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bert Skogstad Family. Standing, Left to Right: Roy, Herb, Norma, Gordon, Albert, Walter, Doreen. Seated: Ruth and Bert.

Albert was born in Dunblane, Saskatchewan, on June 20, 1920, received his education at West Point school and came out to Erickson district with his parents in 1937. He helped on the farm and then worked with his brother Herb on elevator construction until 1942, when he joined