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country. When the new Canadians decided to construct a church at Mountain Road, Mike cut logs in the park, sawed and hauled lumber from the McGracken sawmill and donated one hundred and twenty-five days of labor to the Church. The family were faithful members of the Ukrainian Catholic Church at Mountain Road and later in Erickson.

In 1947, Mike and Ann retired from the farm and purchased a home in Erickson. They celebrated their 50th Anniversary in the summer of 1955 with many relatives and friends attending. Mike and Ann lived in Erickson until their deaths. Mike passed away on October 19, 1958, and Ann on December 13, 1963.

Ann and Mike Slobodian.

They were blessed with twelve children;

John was born February 4, 1906, at the farm home at Mountain Road. He later attended Norland school. John helped clear land at home and worked in the same capacity for others in the Bethany area. He was employed for five years by George Burgess for $45.00 a month. He received an additional salary of $10.00 per month for he was good with horses. During the summer when mares were in foal, oxen were used for teams.

On November 8, 1928, John married Wasylina Kozak and they lived three years on his parent's homestead. In 1931, the couple rented 26-17-17W from the Soldiers' Settlement Board and in 1941, he purchased the quarter for $1100, and taxes were $22. a year. John and Wasylina farmed and lived on this land until their retirement. For extra funds during the winter, John hauled dry wood twenty-one miles to Minnedosa and he worked on the construction of Highway No. 10. During the summer, they dug seneca root which sold for 20¢ a pound raw and 65¢ a pound dry. John helped clear land for Einar Sundmark and others for 50¢ a day. His love for horses showed in his well-kept teams, the neighbors knew when John was coming for they could hear the jingle of the open bells on his harnesses. They were active members of the Ukrainian Catholic Church at Kerr's Lake and presently attend the Sacred Heart Parish in Erickson. John served for 12 years as Road Commissioner in which

capacity he built and repaired many roads.

The couple were blessed with three children, two sons Jordy and Nestor and one daughter Ann, Mrs. Steve Chumola of Brandon, three grandchildren, John, Ron and Connie and four great-grandchildren. Nestor has since passed away.

In 1972, John sold the farm, cattle, machinery and the crop in the fields to Mr. Leo Woywada. They purchased the Otto Halverson home in Erickson. In 1978, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with four hundred and fifty relatives and friends attending. John and Wasylina currently reside in Erickson.

John and Wasylina Slobodian Family.

Nick, born December 13, 1908. He attended Mountain Road and Norland schools. On February 7, 1935, he married Nellie Ewasiuk. He purchased N.E. 27-17-17W for $247. including land fees. A log house was purchased from the Provincial Government which was used as the farm home. They farmed for several years and then rented the land and moved to Toronto where he was employed in a leather factory for three years, Due to ill health, Nick returned to the farm.

He was an ardent hunter and he spent many nights sleeping in spruce trees waiting for dawn. He sold the farm and purchased the East half of 28-17 -17W from Mr. Bob McKay in 1947, where he farmed until 1951, when he was forced to retire as he was afflicted with multiple sclerosis. A house was purchased from Mr. Glen Shellborn which was located across the street from the old Skating Rink. The couple lived there until Nellie's death in 1970.

Nick and Nellie were members of the Ukrainian Catholic Church and helped in any way possible. Nick passed away March 15, 1980.

They were blessed with four daughters; Jean, Mrs. Bill Michalchuk, Bernice, Mrs. Claus Kaultwaster, both of Prince George, B.C., Carol, Mrs. Ray Langlais of Wawa, Ontario, and Marlene, Mrs. Jim King of Kib­ sault, B.C.

George, born May 3, 1911, on the farm. George