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married Olga Baraniuk of Mountain Road district on February 12, 1944. Olga was born September 13, 1922.

They purchased the S.E. 27-17-17W in 1944. In 1949, they purchased the N.W. 23-17-17W from Harry Sund­ mark. George had a mixed farm, raising cattle and growing grain. When the children were old enough, they would help their parents with the seeding and with the harvest.

In April, 1976, George and Olga moved into Erickson.

They had their house from the farm moved to town. Their son Ron and wife Darlene purchased the farm from his father in 1973. George and Olga are active members of Sacred Heart Church, Erickson and the Perky Pioneer Group.

George and Olga had ten children. The older children attended Lund school and Erickson Collegiate. The younger children attended Erickson Elementary and Erickson Collegiate.

Ronald was born November 2, 1944, at home on S.E. 27-17-17W. He married Darlene Warrington on October 17,1970, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Erickson. They purchased the quarter previously owned by Metro Maxymchuk and lived there until April, 1976. They sold this and moved to the family farm, N.W. 23-17-17W which was purchased in 1973. There, they built a new home and moved into it in September of 1976. Ron farms 3/4 section and rents another 3/ 4's, has registered Charolais cattle and also grain farms. Ron drives a school bus for the Rolling River School Division and is also a member of the Knights of Columbus. Darlene has been employed at the Royal Bank for the past fourteen years in Erickson. She also belongs to the Hilltop Community Club and is Superintendent of the Sacred Heart Catechism Classes. Ron and Darlene have three children; Tamara Rose born August 20, 1973, and is attending Erickson Elementary school. She is involved in figure skating and the 4-H Beef Club. Colin Michael born March 27, 1976, and is attending Erickson Elementary school. He is involved in hockey and is a Pee-Wee member of the 4-H Beef Club. Colin is also the first male born in the recent Slobodian generation. Heidi Lynn born July 31, 1981. Heidi is the pee-wee of the Slobodian family. All three children were born at the Minnedosa District Hospital.

Patricia, born November 25, 1945, at home. She married Terry Neilson on September 9, 1967. They lived in Brandon until August, 1982, then moved to Pocatello, Idaho, where Terry is employed with Simplot. They have three children; Darren, Shelley and Kevin.

Lillian, born February 12, 1946, at home. She married Hans Bekkering on January 22, 1972. They live in Lethbridge, Alberta, where Hans is employed in a printing shop. They have three children; Jason, Justin and Candace. One daughter, Bettina, passed away June, 1974 at the age of two.

Johnny passed away at birth, May 7,1948.

Eric, born July 13, 1950. He was the first baby born in Erickson Hospital. He married Cathy Dusome on August 28, 1982, and they reside at Edmonton, Alberta, where Eric is a crane operator. They have two children; Natalie and Aaron.

Roselyn, born January, 3, 1952 at Minnedosa


George S/obodian Family. Left to Right: Henry, Wayne, Eric, Ronald, George, Olga, Patricia, Lillian, Valerie, and Marcia.

Hospital. She passed away October 3, 1970.

Wayne, born November 18, 1955, in Minnedosa Hospital. He married Sherree Coey on October 8, 1977, and they reside in Edmonton, Alberta, where Wayne is employed as a crane operator. They have two children; Derek and Christopher.

Henry, born January 25, 1958, in Erickson Hospital.

He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he is a crane operator.

Valerie, born February 14, 1961, in Minnedosa Hospital. She married Calvin Coey August I, 1981. (refer to Coey, Dennis and Norma).

Marcia, born August 28, 1962, in Erickson Hospital.

She is taking Cosmetology at the Assiniboine College in Brandon.

Peter, born on March 15, 1913, at the farm home at Kerr's Lake. He attended school at Kerr's Lake and later Mountain Road. When Peter was twelve years old, he went threshing with his dad and brother George at the farm of Mr. G. Davies in Bethany. The physical demand was too great and he only worked two days. When he was fifteen, Peter worked for Mr. Patton Connell for $15. a month driving a four horse team with a scoop shovel to build Highway No. 4 from Neepawa to Minnedosa. During the winter months, he worked at the sawmill of Mr. N. Baraniuk for 354: a day. With Mr. Nick Mak­ waychuk and Mr. Mike Kostiw in 1934, work was found at Reketty Sawmill for a salary of 504: a day. Peter never received his wages as funds were depleted. In 1935, three brothers, George, Nick and Peter purchased three quarters of land on section 27-17-17W from the Clan­ william Municipality for arrears in taxes of $741. The money was borrowed from Mr. Mark Madill at 30/0 interest. Peter purchased his first car, a 1926 Chev in 1939, for $75. and started to travel in the country to sign machinery sales. At this time prices were $36. for a hay rake, $64. for a mower, $100. for a high steel beam breaking plow.

In the fall of 1939, Peter rented the old Royal Bank building and moved on main street. In 1941, he pur­ chased Harry Zahodnick's second hand store across the street which became his permanent business location