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Winnipeg, Manitoba. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in York ton, Saskatchewan, trained at Regina, Saskatchewan, and Vancouver, B.C., and served overseas in the Second World War until June, 1946. Upon return, Harry purchased the Matt Olson farm N.W. 32-17-17W. In 1963, he was employed by the Civil Service at Churchill and was later transferred to the Riding Mountain National Park working at the South Gate office until retiring in 1973 due to ill health. In August, 1971, Harry married Molly Morrison. They now reside in Brandon, Manitoba. Harry has since passed away.

Mae, married Fred W. Taylor of Minnedosa, in 1931, and continued living there until Fred's death, January 18, 1967. She now resides with her daughter Edith in Winnipeg. Fred and Mae had three children:

Kenneth, wife Verna and son Kelly reside in Win­ nipeg.

Reginald, owns and lives on a parcel of land on N.W. 32-17-17W in the Scandinavia area.

Edith, attended school in Minnedosa, became a nurse and now is employed and resides in Winnipeg.

Frank, worked for local farmers, then went to Minnedosa to work for Torley in the store, from there to British Columbia, New Zealand and back to Canada in 1947. Frank and his wife Nancy were married in New Zealand. They didn't have any children. He worked at Eaton's in Vancouver and Winnipeg, later at Riding Mountain National Park from 1966-70. Frank passed away in 1970, was buried at Hilltop Cemetery. Nancy now resides in Victoria, B.C.

Elsie, remained at home and kept house for her father until marrying August Backlund in 1945. (refer to Backlund, Eskil and Augusta).

Donald, attended school at Hilltop, helped his father on the farm until joining the Armed Forces in the Second World War, training in the Winnipeg area and while serving overseas, he was killed in action at Caen, France on July 25, 1944. While in England, Donald married and had a son.


by Mary Soltys

William Soltys came to Canada in 1910 to Basswood and stayed at Peter Shewchuk's place. He worked for farmers around the district. He then bought a farm S.E. 1-17-20W from Downy Company, later known as Hudson's Bay Co. He cleared the land as it was all bush and built a house there.

On April 20, 1920, he married Mary Drummond of Portage la Prairie. As there wasn't enough land for one family, they decided to sell and buy more land somewhere else, so he sold it to his brother John. This farm is still worked by the Soltys family.

In the fall of 1920, he bought 1/2 section four miles south of Erickson. There they both farmed for twenty­ two years. During that period, Mary kept and boarded teachers as Westmount school was on their farm and was just a few minutes walk. Her hobby was making quilts and mats. She also did volunteer work for the church and

made things for bazaars. Bill and Mary also had church services at their house as there was no church at Erickson. The mass was conducted by Father Hryboreychuk.

They both decided to quite farming and try something else. They had an auction sale and rented their farm to John Marcino and later sold it to Rudy Usick.

They bought Doner's store in 1942 and stayed there till 1949. Sold the store to Nick Gushulak and moved to Thunder Bay in 1949. There they bought a store known as Soltys' Grocery Store.

They lived together for 38 years, William died in July 14, 1958. They were blessed with two children, Joe and Grace.

Joe married Margaret Kay in 1942. They went over­ seas. Joe was three years overseas, came home in 1945. They lived in Thunder Bay. They have four children, Jerry, Marlene, Sharon and Allan. Joe and Margaret lived together for 35 years. Joe died September 1, 1977.

Grace married Ross Sanderson September 27, 1947 and had no family. They lived in Winnipeg. Grace died July 7, 1970. At the present time, Mary Soltys resides in Thunder Bay and does a lot of knitting and rug making for churches and bazaars.

Mary and Bill Soltys.


by Anne Rodney

In 1907, John and Rose Soltys, as newly-weds, came to Canada from the Ukraine and settled on a homestead near Innisfree, Alberta.

In 1908, their first two sons were born; Mark in January and Tom in December. John and Rose lived and worked on their homestead for several years until one day a salesman came along and talked John into trading his