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was active in sports and played on a local youth band. He attended Brandon University and also played on the football team. Carl is presently an Insurance Salesman at Edmonton, Alberta. Iris, born August 20, 1955, attended Erickson Elementary and Collegiate. On May 7, 1977, she married Richard Kennedy and they have three children; Derek born July 6, 1978, Carl born May 28, 1980, Tanya born December 31, 1982. The family reside at The Pas, Manitoba. On January 31, 1958, Mary married Mike Skatch. She was employed in the home of Drs. Morley and Nancy Sirett for four years, then rented the Gold Nuggett Cafe, east of No. 10 Highway. In 1968, they purchased Wally's Cafe, changing the name to Mary's Cafe which she operated until 1982. At present, Mary is employed as a cook at the Golf Club House, Clear Lake.

Verna, born May 21, 1927, at Mountain Road and was schooled there. She married Victor Serhienko on March 3, 1951, at Sudbury, Ontario, and they reside there. They have three daughters; Linda, Diana and Susan.

David, born August 3, 1930, at home at Mountain Road and schooled there. He was employed by his brother Peter, later at Parkwood Auto. He moved to Sudbury, Ontario, and is employed at the International Nickel Mines. He was married to Nettie Marynick July 18, 1953, and they have three children; Dennis, Garry and Sandra, all at Sudbury.

Tom, born September 23, 1931, at home at Mountain Road and received his schooling there. He is employed past thirty years with General Motors at St. Catharines, Ontario, and resides there. May 30, 1970, he married Jo­ Anne Lowman and they have one son, Michael.


John came from Poland in 1908, and started work at Rossendale, Manitoba. In 1921, John and Carrie moved to the Westmount district, and lived in a small shanty close to Westmount school. Later they moved to the Sanderson farm. In the spring of 1929, they moved to the Albert Lee farm, north of Erickson, where they continued to farm until 1932. Then they moved back to

Mike and Carrie Sloik Family.


Rossendale, MB., and continued to farm until 1954. They retired and lived in Portage la Prairie. John has since passed away, Carrie resides at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. They had three children.

Milton, worked for Portage Co-op trucking and is now retired and resides at Portage.

Charlie, an auctioneer for some twenty years resides in Portage la Prairie.

Florence, who was born on November 8, 1924, at Westmount.


Dick as he was known to everyone was a burly Yorkshireman, he never married. Dick owned N.W. 12- 18-18W in 1922, sold this parcel of land to Stephen A. Speechly in 1923, and moved to 18-18-17W and eventually bought this property from a James L. Jacob. He farmed their until his eyesight failed.

He spent several years with the Charlie Backlund family until a time when he was moved to a home for the elderly in Brandon where he passed away.

He owned a house in Erickson on 1st Street, which he sold to Otto and Annie Halvarson, now owned by John Slobodian.

Richard Smith


by son Harry

Sidney William, born 1886, and five children came to the Hilltop district from England in May, 1927. In England he had a farming background and after arriving in Canada, he treated neighbors' livestock when needed. Sidney moved to the Scandinavia district where he passed away in November, 1957. The five children:

Harry, worked for Fox farmers in the Scandinavia, Hilltop and Erickson, area, moved to Creston, B.C., to manage a Ranch and later working at Birnie and