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Alan, born April 17, 1948, spent six months in B.C. working in 1968-1969. He returned to Erickson to complete his grade 12 during 1969 and attended Brandon University in 1970-1971. Alan started working at the Erickson Co-op Hardware Department in 1971 and continued to work there until July 1979.

Alan married Valerie Larson on October 14, 1972 and they have one son, Clayton, born October 22, 1978.

Alan and Valerie purchased the Marshall Wells store in Erickson in 1979 and now live in the suite above the store. Valerie has been employed at the Erickson Credit Union since 1972 and is currently Office Manager. Both Alan and Valerie are active in the community.

Tom passed away on December 19, 1975, and is buried at the St. Jude's Cemetery. Anne lives in Erickson in the same house the family has lived in for the past 38 years. She enjoys her family and friends. Her summers are occupied with her gardening and yard. Winter pastimes include knitting and quilting. Anne remains in good health which allows her to enjoy her hobbies.

Anne -In 1935, Anne went to work in Winnipeg. In 1937 she married Anthony Rodney, whom she met while he attended Erickson High School. They lived in Win­ nipeg until after the war. During World War II, Anthony served with the RCAF as Flight-Engineer flying Canso aircraft in "Coastal Command" doing submarine and convoy work on the Atlantic.

In 1946, Anne and Anthony with their daughters, Elvie and Judy, moved to Waterford, Ontario, area. The third daughter, Patsy, was born in Ontario.

Elvie married Dan Demitroff. They have two boys:

Kevin and Craig. They live in Toronto.

Judy married Keith MacDonald. They have no children and reside in the Waterford area.

Patsy married Ralph Downey. They have no children and live near Toronto.

Sylvia - In 1936, Sylvia went to work in Winnipeg. She moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 1943, and, in 1948, she moved to Ontario. She never married and now resides in Pickering - near Toronto.

Joseph (Joe) - Joe attended Scandinavia School from Grade 1 through Grade 8. He worked on the home farm from the age of 14 to 19. Joe joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1940. He went overseas in March, 1941, and served as an anti-aircraft gunner. Joe returned to Erickson in September, 1945.

Following his return to Erickson, Joe took a mechanic course and worked at Erickson for three years. In 1948, Joe married Violet Gronback and they moved to Brandon where they lived for four years. Their next move was to Portage la Prairie where they have remained until the present time. Joe took a plumbing course and has worked in that capacity for the past 21 years.

Joe and Violet have three daughters: Darla (July 1952) and husband, Myroslav Fedorowich, have one son, Ivan, and live in Lahr, West Germany. Elaine (January 1958) is living at home. Noreen John (May 1960), married, and is living in Winnipeg.

Mary - Mary lived in Winnipeg for a time and then returned to Erickson. She later moved to Ontario. In 1947, Mary married Peter Kuchma (Anthony's nephew), who served in the RCAF overseas as Flight-Engineer


flying in Halifax Bombers in raids over Germany.

Mary and Peter have no children. They reside in Kitchener, Ontario.

Margaret - In 1942, Margaret married Roy Baraniuk at Mountain Road. Margaret and Roy moved to the farm at Scandinavia for a short time, then to Winnipeg while Roy served in the Army. After the war, they moved to St. Catharines, Ontario. They had a daughter, Charlotte, who never married. She now lives in Toronto. Their son, Reg, married Mayleen Ho, and they have two sons, Bart and Adam. They live in Toronto.

Margaret died on January 2, 1979 at the age of 53. John Soltys died in December 1941 at the age of 62.

After John died, Rose stayed on the farm for a short time. She then sold the farm at Scandinavia and bought a house in Erickson. She went to visit her brother and relatives at Inisfree, Alberta. When she returned to Erickson, she sold her house and went to live with her daughter in Ontario. However, she did not like Ontario's damp climate and she missed all her friends in the west. She went back to Erickson in 1949 and stayed at Mark's place. Shortly after, she married a widower, Tom Woronicki, at Rackham. In July 1950, she died at the age of64.


In 1878 or 79 George Soulsby came from England and took as a homestead the S.W.1I4 of 7-16-17 with the S.E.lI 4 as pre-emption. He bached there for more than fifty years in a large brick house where Donald and Irene Dagg live today. He would not have a horse on the place and drove oxen for over fifty years, he kept a few cattle and quite a lot of sheep. He retired to Clanwilliam where he died. He is buried on the north side of the All Saints Cemetery.


by Andrew Speechly

Stephen Aueling came to the United States, moved to Canada and came to the Cameron district worked for Neil Cameron. He moved on to the Rural Municipality of Cianwilliam, being the employee of Victor Wallstrom. He applied for a homestead on April 7, 1902, S.W. 6-18- 18W which he cleared and broke for cultivation, during this time he worked out with different farmers. On May 29, 1907 he received his transfer of title.

He met and married Myrtle Hanson, daughter of Andrew and Caroline Hanson. Myrtle was a victim of the flu epidemic and she passed away in 1918. She was buried in Danvers.

Stephen continued on the farm for a short time and his house was destroyed by fire. Later Stephen bought the original Andrew Kleback property N.W. 12-18-18W from Richard Smith in 1923. He remained on this property until poor health forced him to get medical attention in Brandon. He passed away in 1932, buried in Brandon.