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There were two children;

Andrew Joseph was born October 15, 1914 on the family homestead. He lived with his parents until his mother's demise in 1918. From then on he was placed in several different homes, Ole Lee's and his grandparents until he was eight years old. Wm. and Hannah Davies took Andrew for a period of four years, this is when he started school in Erickson. In 1926, he moved up north to help Nancy Hales on N.W. 33-18-17W where he was to remain until he enlisted in 1941, in The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. He spent four years in the army, one year in Canada and three overseas. He saw action in France where he was wounded, transferred home on the hospital ship "Lady Nelson". After his release from the army, he returned to the Norland district, buying E 1/2 33-18-17W, living there and working out with district farmers. He eventually sold this property and buying S.W. 21-18-17W from the Rural Municipality of Clan william and re-selling it to Cecil Warrener in 1966, retaining a small house site on the property. In 1980, Andrew built himself a new house where he now resides. He enjoys fairly good health, and his many kind neighbors take him into town whenever he wishes. His uncle Dewey Hanson from Hamiota often visits with him. Andrew is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion No. 143.

Evelyn Margaret, born in 1918 in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. After her mother passed away, she stayed with her grandparents until her grand­ mother's demise. Evelyn was then placed in the Salvation Army Home in Brandon at the age of sixteen. She found employment in the area. She moved and married Ernest Pittman, moved down east. From this marriage there are two sons, Elwood and Richard. For many years, Evelyn was a devoted worker in the Salvation Army. Ernest Pittman is deceased. She now lives in Brockville, On­ tario.

Andrew Speechly


by Hatton Spraggs

William Henry and Daisy Victoria Spraggs resided on a farm at Oakburn, Manitoba. They had two sons, Hatton and Howard. During the 'Flu epidemic in 1920, William

passed away. Daisy and the young boys carried on by themselves, until she married Royal Stanley Chaple. From this marriage, a daughter Doris was born and a son Robert. In 1923, after giving birth to Robert, Daisy passed away.

Later Royal married Sarah "Agnes", a housekeeper, who had been helping with the children, and there were no children from this marriage.

In 1930, the Chaple family left the Oak burn area, shipped all their belongings by the C.N. Railway to Erickson. They settled in the Norland district on a farm vacated by the Neil McKinnon's. This farm was referred to as "The Red Gate Farm". They later moved to several places before purchasing S.E. 14-18-18W which was farmed by horses until, Royal purchased a Ford tractor. Because of failing health, Agnes moved to the home in Minnedosa where she spent her last years. Royal stayed at the home of Christine Johnson until his demise.

The four children from these marriages were:

William "Hatton", born August 13, 1915, son of William and Daisy Spraggs. He was born in the Oak burn area, attended school there and later to Norland school. Hatton worked for several farmers in the Rural

Daisy Spraggs holding Howard. Seated: Hatton.

Agnes and Roy Chap/e.