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Municipality of Clanwilliam and also at Colin Robin­ son's sawmill at Riding Mountain. In 1971, he retired to Erickson where he enjoys meeting his friends at the Legion bingos. He also travels, visiting relatives and friends at Oakburn, Brandon and Beinfait, Saskat­ chewan.

Howard, son of William and Daisy Spraggs. (refer to Spraggs and Luczka History).

Doris, daughter of Royal and Daisy Chaple, married Arnold Olson. (refer to Christian and Alma).

Robert, son of Royal and Daisy Chaple, resided in the Oak burn area and the Rural Municipality of Clan­ william. He enjoyed the trips he made across Canada with horses and wagon. He mysteriously disappeared several years ago.


by Jenette Goodman

Howard Spraggs was the first member of these two families to come to the Erickson district, in 1925 at the age of ten years, with his step-parents, Roy and Agnes Chaple, his brother Hatton, aged twelve, and two half­ siblings, Doris Chaple, aged three, and Robert Chaple, aged two.

Howard Albert Ernest and William Hatton Spraggs were both born in Shoal Lake Municipality. Their parents had been born and raised in England. Their father, William Henry Spraggs, died in 1920. Their mother, Daisy Victoria, married Roy Chaple and they had two children, Doris and Robert. Daisy died in 1923 and Roy Chaple married Agnes Hayes.

Roy Chaple rented farmland approximately twelve miles northeast of Erickson, known as the McKinnon farm. Hatton and Howard went to Norland School. Then Howard attended Nedrob School and Scandinavia School. Doris and Robert also attended Scandinavia School. Roy Chaple continued farming in the district until his death.

Howard left home in 1930, at the age of fifteen and went to work as a farmhand for John Hofdahl. Howard also worked in the Hilltop district for Ernest Schellenberg and at Wellman's Shingle Mill, northeast of Erickson, in 1935.

There was an accident at the mill; Bud Wellman was hit in the face with a block of wood. Howard volunteered to go to the nearest phone, eight miles away, to call a doctor. It was 30 to 40 below Fahrenheit. Howard walked to the Ranger station about one-half mile and borrowed the Ranger's extra horse. Then he walked another half mile, leading the horse, to Hillstrand's Sawmill. However, he was only able to borrow a bridle, as there was no saddle available. He rode down to Waterton's in Scandinavia to phone the doctor. On the return journey, he was very cold but made a safe return with no after effects. Bud recovered and suffered no ill effects.

Howard married Jennie Luczka in 1937. Jennie's parents, Anna and William, moved to the Erickson district from the Melita area in 1934. William was born in 1884, in the Ukraine, and his parents farmed in the


Lockport! Goner district. Anna was born in 1889 in Poland and came to Canada all by herself at the age of 18. She could not speak English and worked as a maid in the North End of Winnipeg.

When the Luczka family came to Erickson, Jennie was nineteen and her two brothers, Walter and Stanley, were seventeen and twenty-one respectively. The Luczkas rented the quarter section just east of Billy Wickdahl's farm.

The residents of the district put on a social and shower for Jennie and Howard in the Scandinavia Hall which had a leaky roof and cardboard in the windows. Bill Alberts, who worked for Billy Wokdahl, presented the couple with a chamber pot. John Carlson, the town constable, took up a collection for the bride using the pot. The collection yielded washers, buttons, candies, and some money, about three dollars. However, when they left in their 1930 Ford Roadster, the rumble seat was overflowing with gifts.

In 1937, Stanley Luczka married Marion Simpson, daughter of Tom and Ruth Simpson and sister of Jack and Bernice. The Simpson's came to Erickson in 1934, from Tilston, Manitoba. Stanley worked for Fred Ostrom the winter of 1934 and then went west to Ed­ monton until 1937. Stan and Marion had one child, Gwendolyn, born in 1939. Gwen is married to Lome Henry and lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. They have three daughters and two grandchildren. Stan, Marion, and Gwen left Erickson in 1940, and moved to Brandon.

Walter Luczka played for Erickson as catcher on the baseball team and as goalie for the hockey team. Walter never married and died in 1960 at the age of forty-two of a heart attack. Neither Walt nor Stan was able to serve in the army during the war, due to medical reasons. Stan had broken a hip during a hockey game. Walt had had one of his heels badly cut by the mower when he was around four or five years old.

Walter bought a farm in Otter Lake in 1938 with Jennie and Howard. The Spraggs' first child, Anna Victoria, was born there in 1939. In 1941, Jennie and Howard moved to Winnipeg and Howard began work at Burns and Co., where he stayed until his retirement 38 years later. Jennie died in 1982 at the age of 67.

Jennie and Howard's other two children, Jenette Rose (born 1942) and William Howard (born 1944) were born in Winnipeg.

William Luczka died in 1942, at the age of 58, in the same way his son Walter was to die eighteen years later, of a heart attack while threshing. After his father's death, Walter bought the farm about two miles north of Erickson where he farmed with his mother until his death.

Anna Luczka's grandchildren, Anna, Jenette and Billy, dearly loved spending their summer vacations on the farm. Her other grandchild, Gwen, sometime came for short periods as well.

Anna Spraggs married Ernest Horvath in 1958. They have no children and live on a small mixed farm near London, Ontario. Billy drowned in 1962 at the age of 18. Jenette married James Arnold Kerney in 1958 and had two children, Allan Howard (born 1959) and Walter James (born 1961). Walter was killed in 1980 at the age of