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William and Minnie Stitt.


Howard, born June 7, 1900, in Minnedosa, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stitt of the Bethel district. He married Helen Townley in 1928 at Clanwilliam. Howard passed away, January 22, 1976. Helen resides in Brandon, Manitoba. There are three children.

Eleanor Ann, born at Erickson, attended school and was a member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Donald, born in Winnipeg, attended school at Erickson and was a member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. He worked on the farm until 1952, then worked on construction at Rivers Military Base. In 1953, Donald moved to Brandon and started working for the Manitoba Dairy and Poultry Co-op as a dairy technician, where he is presently employed. On November 9, 1957, he married Ellen Joan Bogner of Regina, Saskatchewan. They have a daughter Ellen Dawne Marie, born December 16, 1969. Don enjoys hunting, fishing and camping. He collects and restores old cars, antiques, and stationary engines.

Jack Kenneth, was born and educated at Erickson.

He was a member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church.


by The Family

Harold Robert was born October 18, 1923. He was raised on N.E. 33-18-18W in the R.M. of Clanwilliam and attended school at Whirlpool. He remembers attending Sunday School with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brody as teachers. Pete was the Ranger at the Whirlpool station at that time, also the hockey games played on Mud Lake.

In 1943, Harold moved to Erickson where he started his career with the Erickson Consumers Co-op. In 1944, he was transferred to the Bulk and Service station and became the manager.

On June 22, 1950, in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Erickson, Harold married Mildred Tiller, daughter of Harry and Thyra Tiller. They have resided


in Erickson, being active in the community. Harold played hockey and baseball and presently curls. He served on the Consolidated School Board, Curling Club, He is a charter member of the Erickson Lions Club, a councillor for the Village of Erickson, a fireman and a Credit Union Board member. Harold and Mildred and family are members of the Erickson Lutheran church with Harold serving on several boards, Cubs and Scouts, Parish and Church. Mildred taught Sunday School, was sponsor of the Bethlehem Starlights, director of the Choir for 17 years, an Altar Guild and a member of the Church Women's Group.

Their four children are:

William Harold was born May 7, 1952, at the Minnedosa District Hospital. He attended the Erickson Consolidated and Collegiate at Erickson from where he graduated in 1970. He graduated from the Brandon University in 1973, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Bill attended Sunday School and was confirmed at Bethlehem Lutheran Church where he also taught Sunday School and Youth Group, and was also a member of the Cubs and Scouts of Erickson. Following his graduation from Brandon University, William found employment with the Associate Finance Co. of Canada and was posted at Duncan, B.C., Cranbrook, B.C., Lethbridge, Alberta, and Kelowna, B.C. On July 10, 1976, he married Emily Kobayaski of Raymond, Alberta. Following his marriage, he joined the staff of the Royal Bank of Canada and served in Edmonton, Alberta, Wainwright, Alberta, Leduc, Alberta, and is now residing in Calgary, Alberta, where he is Branch Manager.

Ronald Charles was born at the Erickson Hospital on September 14, 1955, and received his education at the Erickson Elementary and Collegiate. Ronald was also active in the Cubs and Scouts and participated in hockey, baseball and curling. He attended Sunday School, was confirmed in the Erickson Lutheran Church and took an active part in the Young Peoples there. Ronald found employment with Turner's Plumbing and Heating at The Pas, Manitoba, at Sharps Auto Electric in Brandon, at Trans Canada Credit in Brandon and at Canadian Tire in Calgary,

Harold Stitt Family. Left to Right: Ronald, Millie, Harold, Lea Ann, Bill and Terry.