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Alberta. At present, he is employed with the Royal Bank of Canada, and after serving at Edmonton, Alberta, Hay River, N.W.T., he now lives at Bon­ neyville, Alberta.

Terrence Dean was born at the Erickson Hospital on April 30, 1960. He attended the Erickson Kindergarten school, Elementary school and graduated from the Collegiate in 1975. He attended Sunday School, confirmed at Erickson Lutheran and served on the Young People's Group. He was a member of Cubs and Scouts and always took a keen interest in sports, playing baseball, hockey and curling. After he finished school, he was employed with the Imperial Bank of Commerce at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Camrose, Alberta, and Killarney, Manitoba, and is now employed by Intermountain T.V. Dauphin.

Lea Ann was born at Erickson Hospital on January 24, 1964, and received her education at Erickson, attending Kindergarten, the Elementary and Collegiate, graduating in 19S2. She attended Sunday School, was confirmed at Erickson Lutheran Church, taught Sunday School and was president of the Erickson Lutheran Starlights and served as pianist for the Junior Church Choir. Lea Ann was very active in the com­ munity, taking such an interest, particularly in music, playing for the graduation exercises, taking part in many Talent Nites and Music Festivals (Neepawa, Brandon and Minnedosa). She is also active in sports, having a special interest in CUrling. Lea Ann was a member of the Junior Curling rink who, in 19S1, won the zone, therefore, won a berth in the Provincials at Selkirk, Manitoba. At present, Lea Ann is attending the Brandon University taking a 4-year Bachelor of Education course.


The family of William and Katherine Stone came from Trondheim, Norway, to Canada in 1884, homesteading on N. W. 2l-1S-1SW in the Danvers district. They had four children:

William - homesteaded the S.W. of IS-ISW. He died April 6, 1894.

Olaf - held a diploma for shorthand. He homesteaded S.W. of 16-1S-1SW which he sold to John Lee in 1903. He was a real estate agent for many years in Wadena, Saskatchewan.

Gerhard. (refer to Stone, Gerhard and Sarah Jane). Marianne - remained at home with her parents and with her mother after her father's death. She served as the Danvers postmistress beginning in 1895, and con­ tinued for twenty-two years. She also cared for her aunt, Olianna Amundsen, after the death of her husband, Gunerius, in 1901. The Amundsen's had homesteaded N.E. 21-18-18. Marianne moved to Winnipeg where she engaged in osteopathic work for four years. Then she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to follow the same line of work. She died on January 7, 1940 at the age of seventy years, ten months. Marianne and her mother were charter members of the Bethel Lutheran Church.

Mary Ann Stone


by Norman Stone

Gerhard was one of the pupils registered at Tales School when it opened in IS93. Sarah Jane Tales (refer to Tales, Joseph and Euphemia) was also one of those first pupils. Gerhard homesteaded S.E. 21-18-18 and in 1898 he and Jane were married. They later bought the S.W. and N.E. quarters of section 21 and S.E. 2S. He was a great trapper and, besides farming, he had done several years of taxidermist work. They had a family of twenty children, five of whom died in infancy. Fifteen were raised on the family farm and all attended Tales School.

Euphemia died as a young woman.

Joseph (refer to Stone, Joe and Nellie). Nellie (refer to Johnson, Nils and Nellie). Stanley (refer to Stone, Stanley and Leena).

Ernest - worked in Sherritt Gordon Mines in Sherridon, Manitoba, for several years. He married Margaret Reid and they had one son, Vernon.

Clifford (refer to Stone, Clifford and Cavell).

Herbert was a mechanic by trade and worked in and around Erickson for many years. He married Maisie Burnside of Virden, and they had one daughter, Diane. Herb retired to Winnipeg where he passed away in 19S3.

Annie married Anton Christiansen who operated the creamery in Erickson for many years. They then moved to Minnedosa where he operated the creamery there until they moved to Dominion City and then to Winnipeg. They had eight children: Mae, Earle, Lorraine, Elgin, Glen, Lome, Aldine and Wayne. Anton and Annie are both deceased.

Jessie married Oscar Ehlin who worked in con­ struction, especially elevator crews. They lived in Erickson until they moved to Flin Flon for a few years. They then moved to Haney B.C., where they still reside.

Mary who was John's twin, married Joe English. They