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The Harry Sundmark Family. Cecil, Vernon, Harry and lngeborg.

fetched to the church. The congregation waited while the groom travelled six miles and back with a borrowed team of horses to get the bride. This was the first wedding to take place in the Scandinavia Lutheran Church.

Later, when Hilltop Baptist Church was formed, the Sundmarks were among the early members.

John and Hanna lived with his parents on NE 28 for seven years. In 1899, John bought one hundred and sixty acres for $250 on NE 22-17-17 from a Mr. Christopherson, who had homesteaded there. During the following winter he cut and hewed logs and built a house in the yard of his parents' home. In the spring the logs were marked, the house taken apart, moved to NE 22, and re-assembled. With the help of neighbours this was all done in one day.

John and Hanna had a family of five children, two daughters and three sons. Helga (Mrs. John Larson) has one daughter Gladys (Mrs. Lawrence Block). Albin, deceased in 1925 at 26 years, never married. Lilly (Mrs. Arthur Koping) deceased in 1970 at age sixty-eight.

Harry married Ingeborg Sjoberg in 1926. They built a house on NW 23-17-17 in the Lund school district and farmed there until 1949, when they moved to SW 21-17- 18 in the Erickson district. In 1957, they moved to the Village of Erickson where Ingeborg still resides. Harry died in 1968.

Their major involvement outside the home was in the Scandinavia and later Er ickso n Lutheran Church where Harry was a council member for many years and Ingeborg was involved in the women's organizations and teaching Sunday school. Harry was also on the Lund school and Hospital boards.

Their first son, Vernon, completed high school in Erickson and Minnedosa. He continued his education going to Luther College, Regina, and then college in Minnesota; after this he attended Lutheran Seminary in Saskatoon, Sask. He married Shirley Juech of New London, Wisconsin. Vernon served several Lutheran

parishes and they now live in B.C. Shirley is a Special Education teacher and is still involved in this work. They have three children; the first son, Dana, (married to Gisele Bertouille) is an electrical engineer with the Alberta government. The second son, Lyndon, (married to Linda Hadden) is a manpower consultant with the Alberta Government. Their only daughter, Valdine, (to be married to Harry Elsholtz) is a college biology teacher inB.C.

The second son of Harry and Ingeborg is Cecil, married to Irene Juech of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They presently live on SW 21-17-18, 3 miles south of Erickson. Their daughter, Lynn, attended the University of Manitoba for one year and then moved to Edmonton and graduated from the Petroleum Resources Technician course at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She is presently employed in Edmonton.

Their son, Grant, is starting the computer science course at Brandon University and expects to graduate in 1985.

Cecil has been a full-time farmer and is presently the councillor for Ward 2 of the R.M. of Clanwilliam. He has also been on the Erickson Lutheran Church council for many years.

Irene has a part-time position as secretary-treasurer of Manitoba Rainbow Trout Farmers Association and is also involved in various church activities.

Einar and Elva Sundmark - 1934.

John and Hanna's fifth child, a son, Einar lives with his wife Elveretta (Elva) in the Lund school district. Elveretta (Harris) was born in Tate, Sask., and attended school there and in Eden, Manitoba. She then went on to Normal School in Winnipeg, after which she became the teacher at Lund school for 3 years before marrying Einar in 1934. She also did substitute teaching after her marriage and is still doing some volunteer tutoring. She is involved in all areas of the Hilltop Baptist Church.

Einar has lived his entire lifetime on the same farm where he was born, NE 22. Einar was the secretary­ treasurer of the Lund school for thirty years. He has also