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Carol and Maitland Sundmark - 1979.

been involved with many organizations, the Erickson Creamery, Erickson Co-op, Parkland Home, Erickson Hospital Board and Erickson Rec Centre and as a municipal councillor. He is presently on the Erickson Credit Union and Erickson Clinic boards. Throughout his lifetime he has been a member of the Hilltop Baptist church where he has held several offices during the years.

Einar and Elveretta now enjoy the winter months by vacationing in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. They have two children, a daughter, Carol; and a son, Maitland. Both children attended Lund school before going on to Erickson High school where they graduated.

Carol attended Normal school in Winnipeg and then went on to receive her B.A. from the University of Manitoba. She also attended two years in Vancouver Bible College as well as the University of B.C., University of Sask. in Saskatoon and also Brandon University. She taught school for several years as well as working for the Junior Red Cross in Toronto and the Yukon Indian Brotherhood. Presently she is employed in adult education in Peace River, Alberta.

Maitland received his B.S.A. from the University of Manitoba, then went on to the University of Guelph where he received his D.V.M. He practiced veterinary medicine for three years in Prince Edward Island, and is presently practising in Winnipeg.

John Sundmark served as a councillor for Clanwilliam municipality for many years. He died in 1945 and his wife Hanna survived until 1961.

John's sister, Freda, married Oscar Ostrom and they had one son, Herbert, now residing in Toronto. After being widowed, Freda married John Carlson. They lived in Erickson for many years, where John ran the livery stable and an implement agency. John died in 1970 and Freda in 1974.


by Alf Sundmark

My grandfather, Olaf Sundmark, emigrated from Sweden in 1892 and settled in Manitoba in the Hilltop district. The family homesteaded N.E. 28-17-17W, getting the title to this quarter on May 16, 1897. They


received their naturalization papers on May 19, 1896.

My father, Victor E., was three years old when his parents came to Canada. Dad married Emma Matilda Palm in the County of Clanwilliam on December 7, 1911, in the Swedish Baptist Parsonage.

There were six children born to Mother and Dad - Tennie, Carl and Alf born on the farm in Hilltop; Astrid and Alice born in Clanwilliam; Doris born in Erickson.

My dad and family moved to Clanwilliam in 1919 where dad bought and operated the hotel and livery barn. He sold this business in 1925 and moved to Erickson.

In Erickson, dad operated a livery barn for many years. He also served as a taxi-driver for many winters, taking Dr. Earl Rutledge in a cutter or van, when the doctor was called out to a farm, as cars could not travel the roads during the winter.

Dad also operated the Erickson Hotel for a few years.

Victor and Emma "Tilda" Sundmark.

Carl - married Edna Ross, lives in Winnipeg. They have one son Ross, who resides in Winnipeg. Carl spent two years in the army. He was a fireman in Winnipeg until his retirement.

Alf, a retired building contractor, now lives in Kenora, Ontario. He spent 3 1/2 years in the R.C.A.F. attached to No.7 B & R Command and married Marjorie Bellamy in Winnipeg. His two children: Gary of Kenora, and Janice living in Edmonton. Marjorie Sundmark died in 1973.

Alf married Pat Cooke of Kenora.

Alice married Tony Momotiuk of Kenora. She had two daughters: Linda and Judy living in Kenora. Their only son, Tommy, was killed in an accident in 1963.

Tennie married Ole Nelson, lived in Kenora and passed away in April 1965.

Astrid married Chester Choptiany, and lived in Kenora and Windsor, Ontario. Astrid passed away in Windsor in 1971. They have a daughter, Lois, now living in Kenora.