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Erickson Arena Auxiliary. They have two sons, Mark, born December 30. 197~. and Neil, born November 30, 1977.

Rhoda Lavinia, born April 28, 1955, at London, Ontario. She married Paul Martin Lazenby in Duncan, B.C., in 1977. He is employed by B.C. Lumber products. They have three sons, Charles, born Sep­ tember 28, 1977, Edward, born July 7, 1979, and Steven, born August 3, 1981.


Dr. William Thompson was the first white baby boy to be born in Minnedosa, the son of Liberal M.L.A., Mr. John Thompson. He trained as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Elizabeth Jane Wark was born near Pem­ broke, Ontario on February 24, 1888 and came with her family to Clanwilliam at the age of fifteen. William and Elizabeth were married in 1907 and they lived for many years in Minnedosa where he served the area in his Veterinary practice. They later moved to the Erickson district where he continued in his profession. He passed away in 1945.

Elizabeth then made her home in Gladstone for several years, next in Brandon and finally in Winnipeg where she died in 1978. Elizabeth's main interest was her family, but she was active in the United Church and the Women's Missionary Society of that body, the Red Cross Society during the war years and the Orange Lodge in Brandon.

The Thompson's had a family of seven daughters and four sons: Helen (Mrs. J. Hunt, Winnipeg), Gladys (Mrs. B.L. McKinnon, Detroit, Mich.), Mayme (Mrs. S. Sorenson, Gladstone - deceased), Margaret (Mrs. W. Anderson, Surrey, B.C. - deceased), Cavell (Mrs. C. Stone, Fort St. John, B.C.), Lillian (Mrs. A. English, Cypress River, Man.), Kay (Mrs. E. Gray, Bigger, Sask.), John (Jack) of Swan River, Man., Bennie, George and Donald, all deceased.

At the time of Elizabeth's death she had forty-five grandchildren and sixty-seven great-grandchildren.


by daughter Beryl Parrott

Alfred Emmanuel was born in Storaa Kils For­ samling Varland, Sweden, February 7, 1904. He im­ migrated to Canada, arriving in Winnipeg on May 19, 1929. He secured a job as assistant "Bull" cook at a Fishing Camp on Lake Winnipeg, he became ill and returned to Winnipeg for Medical attention. On Oc­ tober 7, 1929, he was sent by the Provincial Govern­ ment to work on the Hans I. Hanson farm in the R.M. of Minto for $10.00 a month during the winter and was hired on for the summer of 1930. In 1931, he rented the Irvin Hanson farm N.W. 20-16-17W for five years. His brother Carl who also came from Sweden, lived with him. Alfred met Mary Ella Mae North, a school

teacher, who unable to secure employment as a teacher, was working at the home of Ivor Hanson's. Alfred and Mary were married October 25, 1933, in the Manse at Franklin in a double ring ceremony.

They moved to Mrs. Moberg's farm on N.E. 3-17- 17W in the Hilltop district and in the fall of 1936 to Matt Olson's farm N. 1/2 32-17-17W. Here they were neighbors to the "Bang" Hulton family. In the spring of 1940, they were on the move again to the John Booth farm N.E. 1O-17-17W. During the winter Alfred would go to the bush to cut logs and Mary would pack a large wooden box full of food which included pies and the like. Mr. Booth, their landlord dug a well for water supply and was also used as a refrigerator. They hung the cream can by rope and kept the cream cool until they had enough to sell to the creamery.

In the fall of 1941, they moved to the Bill McMillan farm, N.E. 20-17-18W in the Westmount district. When Christmas came that year, Alfred went into Erickson and received $15.00 worth of groceries on credit from Wickstom's store. This is the poorest Alfred and Mary ever were. They had the nicest neighbors, The Ullberg's, and enjoyed their frequent visits also the visits to Bert Skogstads in the Danvers area which Harry Brewer now owns. Mary taught school at Westmount for a few years. Alfred and Mary purchased S.E. 22-18-18W in the Danvers district from Bill Anderson and in 1947 rented the Gus Hendrickson farm S.E. 22-18-18W. In 1947, they purchased and moved to N.E. 22-18-18W from Mr. Johnson.

Because of ill health, they held an auction sale and moved to Erickson on October 1, 1949, where they bought a home and operated the Switchboard for the Manitoba Telephone System which was located on First Street South next to the then, Post Office.

During this time, living in Erickson, they operated the Switchboard until Dial phones were installed in 1957.

Alfred served for one year as first Mayor in the newly incorporated Village of Erickson, he worked at

Alfred Thoren Family. Standing. Left to Right: Winston, Beryl, Myrtle. Front: Mary, Jewel and Alfred.