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the Co-op Service Station from 1954-1957. Alfred purchased and moved to S.W. 29-18-18W from Mr. Baron where he remained farming.

Mary went back to teaching to Arborg, Dauphin, Nedrob, Scandinavia, Sandy Lake and Erickson, a period of 15 years. She took up horseback riding and went on several trail rides, one of which was in the Cypress Hills with Ian and Sylvia Tyson. Mary received a life membership with the Erickson Women's In­ stitute. She passed away on September 24, 1971, and was buried in the Danvers Cemetery.

On April 24, 1974, Alfred married Helena Hoffman of Altona, Manitoba. He sold the farm and they moved to Altona; they have been separated since 1981.

Alfred is now living in Townview Manor, Min­ nedosa, Manitoba, and is enjoying dancing sometimes as many as three times a week. He is a steady visitor to the Green Valley Centre in Minnedosa.

Alfred and Mary had four children when living on the farm the children attended school and Sunday School by bicycle, skis, and walking.

Beryl Margaret, born December 3, 1934, on N.W. 20-16-17W in the R.M. of Minto. She attended Lund School for her first two years and recalls fishing for tadpoles on the way to and from school. Beryl then attended school at Westmount during the Second World War years and remembers the students collecting scrap iron, knitting squares for afghans which were sent to the Red Cross. The highlights of a year were, the Field Day, the Christmas Concert and the Com­ munity Valentine Box Social.

Later she attended Otter Lake School and recalls the story, Mrs. Wilda Carlson would read each day after noonhour. The family moved to Erickson where she completed grade XII. During this time, Beryl helped to operate the switchboard in the Telephone Office on weekends and holidays. She was crowned Queen of the Ice Carnival in 1951.

Beryl and her friends favorite entertainment were the picture shows at the Han Theatre in Erickson. She attended summer school at the Tuxedo normal School in Winnipeg and in 1952-53 secured a one-year teaching position at Allandale School near Edwin, Manitoba.

Beryl married Ron Parrott of Bethany. (refer to Parrott, Ron and Beryl).

Myrtle Mary, born February 25, 1937, on N 1/2 32- 17-17W in the Hilltop district of the R.M. of Clan­ william. She attended Westmount School for three years with Margaret Brodie, Mary Thoren and Eleanor Lee as teachers, then to Otter Lake School, 1947-49 with Mrs. Wilda Carlson as teacher.

Myrtle remembers, the auction sale her parents had and their family riding horse that had to be sold, that broke her heart. She graduated from the Erickson High School and during this time she helped the family operate the Switchboard in the Telephone office. Myrtle received a six week Normal School Training in Winnipeg and then taught one year at Meadow Brook School near Minitonas, Manitoba. It was there that she decided, teaching was not her profession but made lifelong friends and had many marvellous experiences.

Myrtle received a Secretarial Course at the Manitoba


Technical Institute in Winnipeg and was employed with Investors Syndicate from 1957-1964 and later a legal Secretary. On April 1, 1960, Myrtle married Johann Baptiste (Hans) Weinburger. He was born November 11, 1933, in Germany, where they spent a six month honeymoon visiting with his family and relatives. They lived in Winnipeg and Vancouver B.C. A daughter Angela Marie was born March 11, 1970. Hans and Myrtle have since divorced. Myrtle and Angela are now living in Penticton, B.C. where Myrtle is employed as a School Secretary, Angela attends school and like her mother has a hobby of horses of which she has one of her own.

Winston Dale was born on April 5, 1941, at Mrs.

Biczo's Nursing Home in Erickson with Dr. Rutledge attending. He attended Otter Lake School for two years with Mrs. Wilda Carlson as Teacher, then to Erickson School until grade ten. He attended Teulon School for one year, then worked in Winnipeg until he joined the R.C.A.F. in approximately 1958 until 1961.

Dale married Sybil Olive Probert on December 22, 1962, at Calgary, Alberta. She was born September 11, 1939, in England. They lived in Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver and one year in England. A son, Mark Jefferson Dale Thoren was born October 20, 1966. Dale and Sybil were divorced in 1968. Mark lives with his mother in Australia.

Dale has survived a cancerous brain tumour ­ hospitalization and treatment January 9 - May 1971.

On April 6, 1971, Dale married Hazel (Felstead) Hzaen. They were divorced on November 16, 1978 . They had no children. He married Vicki Maxine (Towstego) Luke on September 7, 1979. She was born May 13, 1949. Jory Keith Luke was born May 19, 1976 was officially adopted by Dale on February 23, 1981. Tyler Jay Thoren was born February 17, 1979.

After the Air Force, Dale spent two years teaching dancing three or four years in Consumer Credit, became a Real Estate Agent in 1967, and has spent the last fifteen years in that business. He has taken many night University Courses. Dale is currently with Nu­ land Realty, Surrey, British Columbia.

Dale remembers the times he went trapping with Sigmund Marcino in the winter and it would be so cold they'd stop and warm themselves up at Mac McKin­ non's farm, always getting something to eat of course.

Jewel Darlene, was born August 26, 1950, at the Erickson Hospital. She received Grade one and part of grade two at Erickson. When Jewel's mother, Mary Thoren went back teaching, she accompanied her and attended school. They would return home on weekends and holidays. Grade two (part) and three was at Sambor School, Sky Lake, Manitoba. Grade four and five at Henderson School, Dauphin Grade six and eight at Onanole. Grade seven at Nedrob and the remainder at Erickson Collegiate. In 1972, she graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

In 1973, Jewel purchased land in the Clanwilliam Municipality and began farming. She again attended University in 1982 and has worked part time in a number of occupations, Bus driver, Cashier, Travel guide but her love will always be farming.