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by Lorna Turner

Paul, son of L. T. Tiller, and the former Elen Shjetne was born on May 25, 1864, in Tiller, Norway, at Pladsen, Nordgaaseggen. He was baptised in the Tiller Church by Pastor Angel and confirmed at Kloboe Lutheran Church by Pastor Wilhelm Kaurin.

On May 9, 1881, Paul left family and friends for a promising new land. He boarded the Wilson Liner Tasso, crossed the North Sea, landing at Hull, England, and from there to Liverpool, boarded the ship, Moravian, taking him to Montreal. He arrived at his destination, Republic County, Kansas, U.S.A., on May 28,1881.

Paul Tiller at his home in Scandia Kansas. Two of the mules "Kate and Pete" which he brought to Scandinavia in 1914.

Harry Tiller Family. Left to Right: Mildred, Laura, Ellen, Lorna, Harry Jr., Thyra, Russell and Harry Sr.

On November 18, 1887, Paul married Marit Quinnild of Cloud County, Concordia, Kansas. They had two boys, Paul Herder died in infancy on August 2, 1889. Harry Lewis was born March 1, 1895. Tragedy struck again in 1897, when Marit passed away leaving Paul with a young son to raise by himself.

With the help of relatives and friends Paul was able to give young Harry a good education and Church life. Paul and son Harry immigrated to Canada, bringing personal belongings, household effects, machinery, two horses, named Charlie and Billy, three mules, Pete, Kate and Jack. They travelled by train to Erickson arriving in the Scandinavia district on May 2, 1914, and purchased N.E. 18-18-17W from Carl "Charlie" Johnson.

In approximately 1931, Paul had a log cabin built for himself on the farm. At this time, Harry and family lived in the farm home. Paul passed away in the cabin on April 24, 1941, and was buried in the Scandinavia Cemetery.

Harry Lewis, born March 1, 1895, was a young man when he arrived in the Scandinavia district. He joined the Scandinavia ball team and became one of the pitchers. Harry played the violin and also sang bass in the Scan­ dinavia Lutheran Church Choir for a number of years. He delivered mail to various Post Offices in the Com­ munity. Harry met his future bride at the Scandinavia Post Office where the young people congregated on Mail nights. On December 15, 1920, he married Thyra Christopherson and the ceremony was performed by Pastor Slator in the home of her parents, Peter and Taletta Christopherson. Harry and Thyra remained on the family farm N.E. 18-18-17W. He served as a trustee, for the Nedrob School. They were blessed with six children who loved to sing their favorite songs and hymns accompanied by their father on the Violin, and their mother on the Organ. Harry and Thyra retired to Erickson with son Russell taking over the family farm. Harry passed away December 21, 1978. Thyra is presently residing in the Sandy Lake Personal Care Home and enjoys visits from her family and friends. Their children are:

Lorna, was born in Scandinavia and received her education at Nedrob. She married Ed Turner at Hilltop. (refer to Turner, Edward and Lorna).

Laura Henrietta, born in Scandinavia was educated at Nedrob. She also was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith with her sister Lorna on October 3, 1937. As a young girl, Laura took a Home Economics course in Brandon. In 1942, she joined the CWAC as a Private in the regular forces and later joined the militia. Due to illness, Laura was discharged from active duty in 1944. After regaining her strength she took a Hairdresser's course and hair dressed at Clear Lake. Later in life she graduated as a Clerk typist and worked for the Archibald Brokerage in Winnipeg for a few years before graduating as a Practical Nurse on July 31, 1972, from the Victoria Hospital in Winnipeg. She is a nursing supervisor at the Fred Douglas Home in Winnipeg, Man. Laura married Al Schmidt on September 30, 1978, he passed away on August 31, 1983.

Harry Fredrick, was born on the Tiller farm and educated in Nedrob. He married Gladys Wickdahl on August 30, 1957. To this union two children were born;