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coming home on the weekends. For three years I worked as a machinist at this firm.

From this firm I moved to J.B. Carter Company, a company that manufactured car frost shields, block heaters, stock trough heaters and car warmers. Here I designed a machine that made frost shields which needed no tape to stick on to car windows. It took me two years to make this machine. I worked here for two years, coming home every weekend.

From J .B. Carter Limited, Winnipeg, I worked for Western Aero Engine, Winnipeg, a company that rebuilt car and aircraft engines. Here I worked as a machinist and a designer of specialized shop equipment. For Western Aero I designed a cylinder reamer for use on cylinders of aircraft engines. This unit is possibly the only one of its kind in Canada. Even cylinders were sent from Mexico to be rebuilt with the use of this machine. While at Western Aero I was assigned to design a machine to straighten crankshafts on C.N. air compressors used on their locomotives in their breaking systems. I designed a unit and it performed. Today this unit is in use at Western Aero. I retired from Western Aero in about 1975, going back now and then to do some specialized work until about 1980.

Just a few years ago I upset my tractor on myself about a mile from home in January. It pinned one foot while the wheel was in motion, scraping the ankle to a point equal to a third degree burn, partially fracturing the ankle. Dennis Clow found me and took me to the Minnedosa Hospital where I convalesced for three and one half months.

Elsie and I have a family of three girls. They are:

1. Lorna - Born June 28, 1947, took most of her schooling in Erickson, took grade XII at the Canadian Union College in Lacombe, Alberta. Lorna worked in a denominational capacity for the Seventh Day Adventist Church as a soprano soloist in evangelistic crusades. She married Doug Massey of Saskatoon on May 28, 1972. Lorna and Doug live at Beiseker, Alberta. Her husband is a qualified high rise glass installer. Lorna and Doug have a family of three: Rachel, Dale and Andrea.

2. Wanda - Born May 15, 1952, took her schooling in Erickson, graduating from grade XII. She then attended Canadian Union College at Lacombe and took a business course. She worked mostly at the Swift Current Personal Care Home, Swift Current, Sask., married Douglas Spangler in 1975 in Lacombe, Alberta. Wanda and Doug live at Golden, B.C. where Doug works as a building contractor. Wanda and Doug have one boy, Lance.

3. Shannon - Born March 12, 1958, took her schooling at Erickson up to grade VIII. She completed her high school at an academy at Winnipeg and the Canadian Union College at Lacombe. She worked for Canadian Hunter Explorations, an oil and gas exploration com­ pany. Shannon married Kenneth Metzger of Lacombe in 1980. After their marriage they went to Mexico where Kenneth worked on an oil drilling rig. They came back and now reside at Lacombe, Alberta.

Elsie and I are retired and live on our farm, keeping a few head of cattle as a hobby.



Earl (Tommy) and Marjorie (Marj) moved to Erickson from Minnedosa in 1951 when Earl was appointed the district supervisor for Manitoba Hydro. While in Erickson, Earl participated in hunting, curling and golf. Marj worked at Wally's cafe and the Erickson Co-op. Both were members of the Erickson Legion.

Earl and Marj left Erickson in 1963 when Earl was transferred to Hydro head office in Winnipeg.

Earl has since retired from Hydro while Marj is also retired after working for Robinson Little and Brooke Bond.

Daughters Cheryl (Holmlund) resides in Pinawa, Manitoba (refer to Holmlund - Tony and Amanda) and Bonnie (Moncur) currently resides in White Rock, British Columbia.


by loyce los/and

I moved to Erickson with my family in the summer of 1977 from Onanole where my husband Ron had worked at Riding Mountain National Park as a plumber from 1963 until a tragic fishing accident June 10, 1977, at Moon Lake claimed the lives of Ron, his twin brother Don and a close friend, Milt Campbell.

Ron was a native of Minnedosa, son of Mr. and Mrs.

W.S. Toovey, a twin to Don and brother to Kenneth and Harold.

I was a native of Clanwilliam, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pollon, a twin to Jimmie and sister to Murray and Albert.

Ron and I were blessed with five children, four girls and one boy, all of whom were born in Minnedosa Hospital. They all attended Onanole Elementary School and Erickson Collegiate.

The Ron Toovey Family and Mother.