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Left to Right: Mavis, Eric, Ann, Joyce, Kathy and Sandy Toovey.

Cathie was born June 24, 1956, and graduated E.C.1. 1974. She worked in the Erickson Credit Union for three years before moving to Winnipeg where she completed and graduated from a one year course in Computer Programming. Cathie was employed in Winnipeg at Dominion Tanners and Group West, the latter until 1979. She moved west to Red Deer, Alberta, in 1979 and was employed at Mathew, Craig and Watts until 1981. At the present she is completing a two year course in Medical Radiology Technology. Attending N.A.I.T. in Ed­ monton and Red Deer Regional Hospital.

Ann was born March 22, 1957, and graduated E.C.1. 1975 and moved to Brandon where she was employed for a year. The following summer she worked at Summer Fashions in Clear Lake. Ann completed and graduated a two-year course in Medical Laboratory, Technology in June, 1978. She was then employed at Westman Regional Laboratory as a Registered Technologist. She was married to Donald Raymer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Raymer of Brandon on August 26, 1978, at Clear Lake. They moved to Red Deer, Alberta, where she was em­ ployed for three and one quarter years at Red Deer Alberta as a Registered Technologist, December, 1981, she was promoted to Head of Blood Bank Department. In the fall of 1982, they moved to Brandon where they are presently residing.

Mavis was born August 27, 1958, and graduated E.C.I. 1976. She was employed in Brandon General Hospital for two years, she also attended Assiniboine College where she completed a course in bookkeeping. Mavis now resides in Winnipeg where for the past four years, she has been employed at Consolidated Turf as a Computer Operator and Inventory Controller.

Eric was born May 3, 1960, and graduated E.C.1. 1978. He was employed in Winnipeg at Zellus as a Shipper Receiver. In 1981, he moved to Red' Deer Alberta where he is employed at West borne Electrical as a Shipper Receiver.

Sandy was born September 16, 1961, and graduated

E.C.1. 1979. Following graduation, Sandy moved West to Red Deer, Alberta where she is employed at Canadian Tire.

My family and I have many fond memories of my children's growing years and the many friends we left behind which are rekindled on many special visits back.

I presently reside in Minnedosa and have since married John Josland. We were married on July 5, 1981, by his niece Carol Hopkins, (Justice of the Peace), at the home of his sister and brother-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Don Woodcock. This marriage unites my family of five with John's three daughters, Sheila, Sandra and Karen Johnson.


by The Family

Walter "Wally" was born July 11, 1906, at Man­ chester, England. In 1907, Wally, a babe in arms, came with his parents to Canada. He attended school in Brandon. In the 1930's, he worked, in the now Riding Mountain National Park, as a Cook during the con­ struction of the road from Clear Lake to the Norgate entrance and when he wasn't busy cooking, he would put the stakes in for the surveyors.

Wally worked in the Eaton's Grill Room in Winnipeg and later operated a Bakery and Restaurant for several years at Clear Lake. In 1942, Wally was predeceased by his wife Gertrude. They had two children; Daniel and Sylvia.

In 1948, Wally opened a Bakery and Cafe and later known as Wally's Cafe and Mallard Room. On Sep­ tember 2, 1949, Wally married a widow, Edith Vince, a daughter of Thomas and Ann Anderson of the local area. Edith attended Tales School and in 1934 she went to

Wally and Edith Townley.