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closed, sold and moved from the village. To date, the Canadian National freight trains continue hauling grain out of the area and coal in. Some of the station agents over the years have been Edgar Neupert, Tom Me­ Bratney, Mr. Ross, Mr. Hicks, Gordon Baisley, Jack McLise and Lawrence Siwak. Some of the section men were: Pete Sawchin, Ab North, Sid Harrison, Mr. Tytgat, Jack Gregorash, Dan Luzney, Walter Magnell, Olav Gilleshammer, Mike Rumak, Cecil Connelley and Alvin Pylypiw.

The Dray Service began after the arrival of the

Second Railway Station at Erickson.

Railway, using mule or horse drawn vehicles. Some of the Draymen were Herman Armstrong, Neil McKinnon and his mules, Roy Shellborn, Bert Skogstad, Mike Boyko, and Ed Bergeson.

Third railway Station at Erickson.

Constructed dunng period specified In Operation at beginning of period

Key to Railways

85 &. H8R - Brandon Saskatchewan and Hudsons Bay Railway CNR - Canadian Nonhero Railway

Mo. &. NWR - Morden and North Western Railway


MNWA - Manitoba and North Western Railway

MSWCR - Manitoba South western (0101111.IIIon Rilliway

CPR - Canadian Pac!rc Aallway

GNWCR Gru.t! North Wft~l CI~nlrill A.lllw •• v

NP &. MR - NOrlhern Pecrt« and Manitoba Railway

S , WR - S •• kalchewan and Weslern Reilway WE" - weetem Extenercn Rlutway

lMR &. CC - lake Malllloha Rallwtty and Canal Companv