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Crocus Railway Station.

A Railway locomotive leaving Erickson.

A group of local Ericksonites at Railway Station.


by Viola Miller

Postal delivery in the Rural Municipality of Clan­ william began with mail being delivered from the closest rail line in Minnedosa, via "pony express" or horse­ drawn vehicle, to the Scandinavia post office, which was established in 1884. Mr. James Hemmingson operated the first office from his residence, then known as the "Immigrant House". Mr. Hemmingson only served as postmaster for one year then Mr. Peter Christopherson took over and operated the office. Others serving as postmasters at the Scandinavia office during the years were Messrs. J. Forsman, Ted Waterton, Arthur Johnson, Harold Taylor, Jacob Chubay, and lastley Mrs. Freda Clow who served until the closing of the office in the fall of 1968. Another post office at Hilltop was established in 1887, several miles south of Scandinavia, with Mr. Frank Hillstrand as postmaster for more than 60 years, with one short break when he went to Win­ nipeg, and John Emil Larson was postmaster. Mr.

Railway Shed and hand cars.

Hillstrand served in this office until it closed in 1953. In 1890 a post office was set up in the Danvers district, several miles north and west of Scandinavia. Mr. Joe Tales was appointed postmaster and he also had the office in his home. A mail driver would travel to Scan­ dinavia Post Office on mail delivery days, twice a week and bring the mail Gerhard Stone took over this office with Miss Mary Anne Stone as postmistress and mail was brought from Scandinavia with one of the first drivers, Knut Kjelsen. Later when the Erickson office was established, mail was delivered from that point. Miss Stone served for 22 years, leaving in 1917. The office was closed for a few years and then reopened as Bethel Post Office. Mr. A. Zachary was the first postmaster at Bethel and then Mr. Stanley Stone took over the office and served the district from his home. Mr. Stone also drove the mail to and from the Erickson office until the office was again closed.

Crocus Hill was another rural office in the municipality located south of Erickson and was established on August I, 1923. The Prosak brothers had charge of the office for a few months. F.W. Weiman then