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sports day, to day-to-day operation of the school.

Bill was also active in the Erickson Legion, having served in the Royal Canadian Artillery from 1941 to . 1945, and Rose was in the Legion Auxiliary and W.1. in Erickson. Bill also served on the Erickson Chamber of Commerce, and was one of the people who spearheaded the building of the Erickson Memorial Arena. He was involved in politics at all levels; municipal, provincial and federal, and was a firm believer in the importance of people being involved in the political process.

Space does not permit a complete documentation of the hardships they endured. They arrived in this country with very little. They started farming at a time when many were being forced to leave the farm. They suffered hardships such as having their home destroyed by fire in 1931 in the Nedrob district, and like many farmers faced droughts, crop failures, and the harshness of the Manitoba winters. However, through it all they endured, and gave five children a good up-bringing. The legacy the children inherited from them may be summed up as; Rose's joy of living and perpetual optimism, and Bill's determination to, in his words, "leave the world behind you a little better place than you found it".

Their children are -

Gordon, the oldest, was born in Minnedosa on April 5, 1926. He married Gladys Stone of the Bethel district and they had three children; Dianne, Donna and Douglas, and have six grandchildren. They live in The Pas, where Gordon operates his own plumbing and heating business. He owns his own airplane and has spent many hours flying for the past 28 years, both as recreation and in carrying on his business.

Francis was born on March 10, 1930. He married May Cutter of Erickson and farmed with his dad until 1963. They had two children; David and Brenda. Fran was one of the charter members of the Erickson Lions Club when it was formed in 1957. Today Fran and his wife, Helen, live in The Pas, where he is employed by the Kelsey

The William Turner Family. Left to Right: Gordon, Francis, Rose, Betty, Bob, Dick.

School Division.

Richard was born on November 3, 1932. He married Aileen Rollings of Onanole and they had four children; Cheryl, Maureen, Glenda and Blaine. Today Dick and his wife, Jane, live in Alexander and he operates his own plumbing and heating business in Brandon. He has two grandchildren.

Bettyann was born on March 27, 1935. She married Les McInnes of Erickson and they had four children; Laurie, Cameron, Shelley and Susan. Betty and Les live in Erickson today, where Les is employed by the Erickson Co-op. (refer to McInnes, Lachlan)

Robert was born on May 2, 1944. He married Cynthia Cook of Clanwilliam and they had three children; Carla­ Jo, Lee and Aaron. Bob lives in Swan River, where he operates a music store. He returned to Erickson after graduating from college in 1966 and taught high school there until 1969.


by Laverne Uhl

Robert Uhl was born in Strasbourg, Sask. and at a very early age moved with his family to southern Man. He started school while living in Steinbach and in 1950 the family moved to Beausejour, where he completed his school days. After leaving Beausejour, he worked at Carter Motors, Silverline, and Greensteel Industries, doing accounting and office duties.

In 1960 he married LaVerne Peterson, who was teaching in Beausejour at that time. They made their home in Winnipeg for two years and Bob moved to the Hilltop District in the fall of 1962. In the spring of 1963, they bought S.W. 25-17-18W owned by LaVerne's uncle, Albert Peterson, and they moved to the farm that

The Bob Uhl Family. La Verne, Bob, Jeffrey and Jayson.