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Bob practised mixed farming for several years and in 1965, started raising hogs. LaVerne taught in Clan­ william at Grey School for four years. They have two sons - Jayson, born in 1968 and Jeffrey, born in 1970. The whole family is active in community affairs and Bob and Jayson show a keen interest in sports.

In June of 1973 Bob's brother, John, with his wife Marian and two daughters, Kim and Linda moved to the area and farmed. They made their home on the farm formerly owned by Leona and the late Roger Larson. Marian worked for a time at Oshust's Solo Store, but when John began working for C.P.R. in 1977, they returned to their hometown, Beausejour, where they still live. In June, 1980, Kim married Harvey Steinke and they make their home in Elkford, B.c. They have one daughter, Brenda. Linda married Melvin Gmiterek that same year and they also have one daughter, Melissa. They make their home in Beausejour.

Bob's parents, John and Tillie Uhllived on the "Jim Speer" farm (formerly owned by Clifford Hillstrand) from March, 1974 to May 1975, but moved back to Beausejour. Tillie Uhl passed away September 23, 1980, and John still lives in his home there.


Ivar was born in 1855, and Hedda in 1953, in Sweden.

Ivar and Hedda and four children came to Canada in 1888. He applied for his homestead on June 12, 1888, and on December 31, 1894, received his patent. Ivar helped organize the Hilltop school and they were charter members of the Hilltop Baptist church, also active in other community affairs. On Christmas Eve, 1927, Hedda had a stroke and she was incapacitated for seven years. She passed away in 1934.

In 1936, Ivar sold his farm to his son Ernest and moved to Erickson where he did reside his last years. He passed away in 1944, Ivar and Hedda are buried in Hilltop cemetery.

They had five children:

Leonard was born in Sweden and came to Canada in 1888, with his parents. He grew up in Hilltop and acquired S. 112 35-17-18W on January I, 1904. He lived there for some years and moved to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, where he farmed. He came back to Hilltop and he married Christine Carlson of Erickson. They returned to Foam Lake where they farmed for many years, later moving to B.C. They had one daughter Alice. She married Dennis Moore of Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, and they had one daughter June. They reside in B.C.

Ernest was born in Sweden and came to Canada in 1888. He lived at home and helped on the home farm. Ernest liked outdoor life, hunting and fishing. He was a member of the Hilltop Baptist church. He married Clara Larson of Hilltop and they farmed for many years. They sold their farm in 1948, and moved to Erickson, Manitoba. Ernest passed away in 1951, and Clara in 1958. They are buried in Hilltop Cemetery. They had no



Ellen was born in Sweden and came to Canada as an infant in 1888. She attended Hilltop school, also active in Hilltop Baptist church. She married Hjalmar Korberg. (refer to Korberg, Hjalmar and Ellen).

Hilma was born June 12, 1897 at Hilltop. She received her education at Hilltop school and was also active in the Hilltop church. Hilma married August Larson. (refer to Larson, Jonas and Anna).

Arvid. (refer to Ullberg, Arvid and Ida).

Ivar Ullberg Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Arvid, Ernest, Leonard. Front Row: Ellen, Hedda, Hilma and Ivar.


Arvid was born in Sweden in 1886, and came with his parents to Canada and was educated at Hilltop school. Helater went to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, where he did homestead and lived there for a short time, returning to Westmount district and bought E 1/2 19-17-18W in 1916. In 1920, he married Ida Bergeson and continued farming for many years. He later moved to Erickson where he passed away in October, 1956. He is buried at Hilltop cemetery. They had ten children;

Evelyn was born December 15, 1920, at Neepawa, Manitoba, and received her education at West mount school. She went to Saskatchewan and there she married Stanley Maltson of Birch Hill, Saskatchewan and they had eight children. Evelyn resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Dallas married Larry Bridges and have two children Scott and Kelly. Wayne married Judy Mercer. They had three children, Lori-Anne, Sheri, Lynne and Faron Wayne. Carol married Lyle Fedosa and they have two children, Corniel and Dean. Beverly married Gary Dale and have three children, Michael, Jason and Bradley. Gwen married Lyle Johnson and have one child Christopher. Montgomery was married on April 30, 1983. Scott passed away in 1955. April married Randy Mertz.