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In 1952, Ernie and Don Erickson purchased the Erickson Dance Hall from Steve Biluk and in 1955, Ernie became sole owner. Remember the Good Old OrĀ· chestra's, The Patterson Play Boys and Glen Frain and His Buckaroos. In 1964, the hall was sold to the Erickson Legion.

In 1955, Ernie married Yvonne DeJersey, daughter of Roy and Edith De Jersey of Erickson. They resided in Churchill, Winnipeg and returned to Erickson in 1957, where Ernie worked for George Knight at the Imperial Oil Bulk Station for five years until George retired. He operated the business for twenty years. During this time Ernie was in partnership at Erickson Transfer for six years and the Erickson Trailor Court was developed, which they presently own.

Over the years, Ernie was a member of the Prince of Wales Masonic Lodge No. 14, Minnedosa, Village of Erickson Council as Councillor and Deputy Mayor 1966- 1980, Erickson Lions Club 1967-1982, Erickson Skating Rink Committee 1963, coach and manager occasionally for local hockey clubs, Erickson Chamber of Commerce 1961-1982, President, and member of the Erickson Flying Club 1977-1983, Erickson Volunteer Fire Brigade 1960- 1966.

Yvonne worked at the Municipal Office and then was a bookkeeper at Erickson Transfer and later the Imperial Oil Bulk Station. She was actively involved with Minor Hockey and the Flying Club.

Ernie and Yvonne now reside at Medicine Hat, Alberta, where they have a Taxi business. They have three boys; Dwight, Vaughan and Mark, who attended Erickson Elementary and High School each winning athlete of the year awards.

Dwight Raymond, born September 12, 1956, was a cub and scout, a member of the Erickson Baseball and Hockey team, and the Flying Club. He married Gladys Ann Wall on September 24, 1977, at Erickson. Gladys is the daughter of Henry and Anne Wall of the Erickson District. They have two children; Kristin Yvonne, born April 5, 1980, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Colin Henry, born August 23, 1982, in Winnipeg. Dwight is presently employed with the Manitoba Hydro and they reside in Erickson.

Vaughan Ernest, born April 23, 1960, was a member of the Erickson Cub Pack. He has been active in baseball and hockey. On October 13, 1979, Vaughan married Brenda Sue Erickson, daughter of Arden and Jean Erickson of Onanole. Their two children are; Tyler Jay, born March 20, 1979, and Randeana Jenyve born August 31, 1981. Vaughan presently works for McKietchuk Freighters and they reside at Erickson.

Marc Roy, born March 31, 1963, attended Crocus Plains school at Brandon, graduating in 1983 and is presently employed by Jim Dudman at Clear Lake.


Mike Usick was born July 30, 1881, in Chortkiw, Poland, oldest son of John and Mary (Shandalla) Usick. He was the only one of seven children to emigrate to


Canada, arriving in March, 1910, at his uncle's farm, Mike Shandalla of Sandy Lake.

He was employed on the B.B. gang building railways near Regina for a year and as a farm laborer in Newdale-

. Hamiota area for eight years. With the help of a teacher boarding at a farm home, he soon learned to read and write in the English language. Though working mostly on farms he spoke of going hungry and eating raw eggs and getting milk from cows for extra nourishment. He was always a good carpenter and built many farm barns, some houses, etc.

On Oct. 14, 1919, he was married to Rose Bachewich of Ozerna. With the money he saved, they purchased a half section of land from Eric Erickson in the West mount district. In the winter he would cut logs and haul to Kippen's mill, in present Riding Mountain Nation Park, and bring lumber home. He loved hunting and trapping and this supplemented their income. As he was handy at carpentering he helped many people with their new buildings. The steeple of Jackfish church was built by him with the help of Wm. Soltys, he also worked on the former St. Judes church in Erickson (rebuilt from a house) on the present site of the 1965 new church.

Mike and Rose Usick.

When his infant daughter, Eva, passed away he built her coffin (as he had done for many others) and due to muddy roads as it was early spring, he and Wm. Soltys carried the body along the railroad tracks to Jackfish church for burial (approx. twelve mi.).

When eighty two yrs. of age, he visited his homeland in Poland in 1973 to see his two brothers Mack (81) and Woytec (76) and two sisters Rose (86) and Julia (80) whom he hadn't seen for sixty three yrs. since 1910. Julia was celebrating her fiftieth wedding anniversary. The party lasted three days and two nights. Rudy, Marion and