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Elden was born May 19, 1922, at Erickson and received his education at West mount school. He played hockey and was very interested in sports. Elden served in World War II. He landed in Barnsley, England, in May, 1944, and two weeks after D-Day he landed in France with the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders 2nd Division. On V.J. Day he was in Northern Germany on Occupation Duty. He came back from overseas and he married Elizabeth Bates of Dauphin, Manitoba. Elden and Betty reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have three children; Gary married Gail Beaudiu and have three children, Kristyn, Jenna Rae and Erik. Gail married Jeremy House. Kevin is single.

Eunice born on September 14, 1923, at Erickson, Manitoba. She attended school at West mount. She went to Banff, Alberta, to work in the Postal department. Eunice married William Uhyrn and they have one daughter Ardath. They reside at Thompson, Manitoba.

Eskil was born June 13, 1925, at Erickson, Manitoba and received his education at Westmount school. He worked on the home farm. Eskil played hockey with the Erickson team. He was a paratrooper in World War II. He made eight successful jumps over the Rhine in Europe. He married Dorothy Burkett and purchased the home farm. Later he sold his farm and moved to Haney, B.C. Later they moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They have two children: Aaron married Carol Clark and they have one daughter Lonetta. Brenda lives at home.

Earl was born on March 17, 1927, at Erickson, Manitoba, and received his education at Westmount school. He played hockey with the Erickson team. He married Eleanor Gunnarson of Onanole, Manitoba. Earl works with the Manitoba Hydro in Brandon, Manitoba. They have three children; Sharon married Ron Pavey in Switzerland in 1981. Ron passed away in 1982. Sharon now lives in Israel. Debbie married Clark Donnelly of Brandon, Manitoba, and they have two children; Brett and Tara. Sheldon resides at home.

Erven was born October 3, 1928, at Erickson, Manitoba, and was educated at Westmount. He played hockey, also a sports fan. He married Elizabeth Bissett of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have two children; Kiell and Housive.

Ernest. (refer to Ullberg, Ernest and Yvonne).

Eileen was born on July 25, 1932, at Erickson, Manitoba, and was educated at Westmount and Erickson schools. Eileen married Donald Mcintyre and they have three children; John, David and Mitchell.

Emily was born on September 14, 1934, at Erickson and attended Westmount and Erickson school. Emily worked at the Erickson Co-op. Then to Kitimat, B.C., where she married Syd Learman of Kitimat, B.C. They moved to Montreal, Quebec. They have two sons; Robert Scott born June 24, 1962, at Sorel, Quebec, and Ross William born December 15, 1965, at Montreal, Quebec. Emily and Syd reside at Delta, B.C.

Edward was born September 16, 1939, at Erickson. He married Wanda Fisher of Waiteville, Saskatchewan. They have three children; Jodie, Ginger and Tammy. They farm at Birch Hills, Saskatchewan.

Being a large family we did not need to leave the farm to search of any recreation. In the winter in the 40's the

Ullberg Lake had a full sized rink used by the community and the Town of Erickson for playing hockey. The rink had all the blue lines and red lines and the names of the N.H.L. Toronto Maple Leaf team painted on the ice. After a Saturday on our rink, our family of 10 would gather around a small radio to listen to "Hockey Night in Canada", while waiting our turn for the Saturday night bath in the tub in the middle of the living room floor. It was such a contrast to the way of life in the 70's and 80's, it is difficult for some of the third and fourth generations to understand or indeed believe!

In the summer months the same lake was the swimming hole for many from far and near. Unfortunately the fun of the lake came to an end after a boy accidentally drowned there one summer.

We also had our own ball diamond which provided many hours of enjoyment with friends and relatives. Our Uncle Ed Bergeson loved to play with us and was there most Sunday afternoons to participate.

We regard ourselves as a special family. Life wasn't always easy on the farm. The neighbors were extra special and hold dear memories for all of us to this day. The neighbors to name a few, were Neil Mcinnis, Sjovalds, Thorens, Stovins, Chambers, Shellborns, Amyottes, Lofgrens and Shindruks. Ten children are still all living and have families of their own. We still remain very close and contribute the magic to the early years on the farm where we learned the true meaning of life!

Left to Right: Ed. Ernest, Erven, Earl, Eskil, Elden, Ida, Evelyn, Eunice, Eileen and Emily VI/berg.


Ernest Raymond was born November 24, 1929, son of Arvid and Ida Ullberg of the Westmount district. He attended school at Westmount, and at fourteen years of age, began working on a farm in Saskatchewan for two years and spent another two years with the Manitoba Pool Elevators. Ernie began training as a Telegraph operator for the C.N. Railways at Erickson under the direction of Gordon Baisley, station agent at the time.