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and he returned to Sweden in 1902, to receive medical attention. He returned to Canada and on July 6, 1902, he died at the age of 53 years. Mrs. Walstrom and the family stayed on the farm for a number of years.

Peter and Anna Walstrom's elder daughter, Mathilda­ "Tillie" - Walstrom, married Charles Burchett and they moved to New York City, where they made their home. They had three children, Marjorie, Philip, and Reginald. Anna Walstrom married Charles Holmstrom and they lived on the farm presently owned by John and Sharon Whitaker of the Hilltop district.

Peter Walstrom Family. Back, Left to Right: Anna Victor, Elgie. Front: Peter, Anna holding grandson Reginald Burchette, Tillie and Charlie Burchette.

Mrs. Peter Walstrom moved to the farm of her daughter and son-in-law, Anna and Chas Holmstrom, after her son Elgie was married, and she lived in a small cottage close by their home until she passed away March 24,1918.

Chas Holmstrom farmed for a number of years and later moved to Norquay, Sask. where they bought land and continued farming until their retirement when they moved to the farm of their daughter and son-in-law, Ezra Gustavson, where they lived in a small home until they passed away - Anna in 1966 and Charlie in 1968.

Chas Holmstrom's had five children, two who died in infancy and one daughter Linnea in 1940. Their two daughters, Enda and Grace, married farmers from the Norquay district. Edna married Ezra Gustavson who passed away January 21, 1983. They had one daughter, Noreen, who married Ron Logan, and they are living in Calgary. Grace married Carl Lindgren and they had two sons and one daughter, Clinton, Marvin, and lone. Clinton was tragically killed in a truck accident and left a wife and four daughters, who now live in Vancouver. Marvin is married and lives in Toronto with his wife and two children. lone married Jim Bradley and lives with her husband and three children in North Battleford, Sask. Carl Lindgren passed away in 1973. Edna and Grace are living in the town of Norquay.


Victor Walstrom married Carrie Johnson, daughter of John Amos and Gustava Johnson. Victor owned and farmed several quarters of land in the Hilltop and Erickson districts. He had several men working for him, as they farmed the land with horses. They would move from one farm to another as they seeded and harvested. He also operated a sawmill in the winter months, near Riding Mountain National Park, and Carrie would cook for the men in the bush camp. Victor and Carrie had two children, a boy Oliver, who died in infancy and a daughter Amy, who married Edwin Peterson. She is still living in the Hilltop district. Victor died November 13, 1918 during the influenza epidemic, at the age of 42 years. Carrie died on December 22, 1981, after surgery for a fractured hip. She was 87 years of age. They are both buried in Scandinavia Cemetery .:

Amy and Carrie Walstrom.

Elgie Walstrom married Emma Esterberg of Winnipeg.

Together they farmed the Walstrom homestead until Emma's tragic death on January 20, 1917, at the age of 25. Three years later on April 1, 1920, Elgie was killed in a car-pedestrian accident in Vancouver, B.C. Emma and Elgie are both buried in the Hilltop Baptist Cemetery.

The Axel Nyquist family moved to the Walstrom farm in 1919 and farmed the land until 1932. In 1937, the land was purchased by Victor Walstrom's daughter, Amy Peterson, and she is the present owner.

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