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Emma and Elgie Walstrom.


by Ben and Janice

In August 1959, Ben and Janice Ward and two children, Timothy John (born June 15, 1957) and Terri­ Lyn Janice (born June 21, 1958) arrived to begin a nine year career in Erickson. Ben was Principal, first of the K- 12 complex and later was the Principal of the new collegiate until promoted to the larger Rivers Collegiate in September 1968.

While principal, Ben was very active in the sports world, coaching school teams in football, volleyball and basketball. At the same time he was responsible for improving the quality of education in the district, bringing in the General Course, the Business Education Course and the Occupational Entrance Course in ad­ dition to the University Entrant stream.

As a community worker some activities included:

Erickson Lions Club, Erickson Eagles hockey team, Erickson Memorial Rink board, Erickson Chamber of Commerce, Ditch Lake Cottage Assoc. and chairman of the first Viking Valley Snow Festival in 1966.

Janice was very active in the community also. She was the first full-time kindergarten teacher having a maximum of 50 students one year. She was an instructor for the Erickson Figure Skating club and later a member of the executive. Her first love is curling and she was a member of the Erickson Ladies Curling Club and helped represent Erickson at the Provincial Mixed Curling Championship in 1968.

While in Erickson, three more additions arrived in the family: Tracy Jean (March 6, 1960), Thomas William (March 24, 1964), and Trenton Jay (April 14, 1967). Later in Rivers, Trisha Janelle (June 26, 1973) joined the family.

Today the Wards live in Wawanesa, Manitoba, where Ben teaches Mathematics in the Collegiate. Janice remains active in curling and is just beginning a new

career as the mother of a figure skater.

Tim and his wife Kim (nee Espey from Oak River) live in Winnipeg where Tim works in the produce department for IGA. They have a son, Michael born May 4, 1983.

Terri-Lyn, the swimmer, resides in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She has spent her entire life under, in, or on top of the water, instructing swimming, water safety, and small craft.

Tracy, after completion of her degree at the University of North Dakota, married Terry Hein of Henning, Minnesota. She hopes to teach in the elementary school there.

Thomas, after spending two years in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, now attends Brandon University taking computer science.

Trent and Trisha live at home and attend Wawanesa School.

The Wards keep close contact with their friends in Erickson as they spend every summer at their cottage at Ditch Lake.

The Ben Ward Family. Left to Right: Trisha, Terri-Lyn, Tracy, Benjamin, Janice, Timothy, Thomas and Trenton.


by Anna Wark

Harry Havelock Wark came from Forester Falls, Ontario. His wife, Sarah McLean, came from Paisley, Ontario. They were married in Minnedosa, and farmed for many years in the Edna district, near Minnedosa. Their two sons, Lorna and Harry (Mac), were born there and received their education at the Edna school.

In the year 1931, Mac moved to the Hilltop district and settled on S.E. 28-17-17W. His cattle were mostly black Angus. The chief source of income at that time was the cans of cream that were sold weekly. The cream was picked up once or twice a week by the local cream driver who delivered them to the Erickson creamey. Mac's parents, Harry and Sarah arrived in Hilltop a little later on, also his brother Lome. His parents at that time lived with Mac; Lome settled and farmed N.W. 21-17-17W.