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Mac was the local butcher for many years. Lome passed away in the fall of 1935, Mac's father died in October 1937, and his mother passed away in January, 1953.

Mac married Anna Nyquist on January 23, 1937.

Harry (Mac) and Anna Work.

Anna was the oldest daughter of Axel and Esther Nyquist; close neighbors who farmed nearby. The marriage ceremony was held at the Hilltop Baptist Church parsonage with Reverend D.D. Erickson of­ ficiating. Harry Skoglund and Hilma Nyquist were the

attending witnesses at the ceremony.

After Lome's death Mac and his parents moved to N.W. 21-17-17W where Lome had lived; and this is where Mac and Anna started their married life. Their three children were born there. Kenneth, December 3, 1937; Olive, July 4,1942; and Joan, October 13,1953.

They all attended Hilltop school. Joan was still at­ tending Hilltop school when it was closed and the classes transferred to the Erickson school.

In the year 1960, Anna's parents decided they would like to move into Erickson, so in the fall of 1960 Mac and Anna bought her parent's farm. Her father, Axel Nyquist only lived in Erickson for one year before he passed away with a heart attack. Her mother, Esther Nyquist now resides at the Parkland Home in Erickson. Mac passed away suddenly from a heart attack on December 29, 1978. His wife Anna still lives on the farm on N. W. 20- 17-17W.

The three children of Mac and Anna Wark are now all married. Kenneth, the oldest flies for the Department of Mines and Natural Resources, and also farms and raises Simmental cattle. Ken and his wife Shirley (Hay) and their three children live at Lake Audy. Blair, their oldest, is presently helping out at home, after being employed for a year with the C.N.R. at Edmonton. Their second child, Wanda is employed at Edmonton, and Kimberley, their youngest, is finishing Grade XII at the Erickson Collegiate and will graduate in June, 1983.

Olive married Earl Hay of Lake Audy and they farmed for a number of years in the Lake Audy district. Their


two children, Curtis and Wendy, were born there. They later moved to Brandon. Earl was killed in an industrial accident at the Sirnplot plant in Brandon in June, 1967, at the age of thirty. Olive has now remarried; and she and her husband Keith Robertson live at Griswold. Keith is employed at the Research Station at Brandon; and Olive works as a secretary at the Assiniboine College at Brandon. Curtis has for several seasons worked for the P.F.R.A. at Poplar Point through the summer months and with geophysic surveys in the winter. He also takes an active part in team roping and many other activities connected with the rodeo. Wendy is taking Psychiatric Nurses Training at the Brandon Mental Hospital.

Joan and her husband David Koroscillive in Winnipeg where David is employed with the C.P. Raillntermodal services. They have four children; Jason and Jonathan, both attending school; and Deanna and Timothy, at home still under school age.

Anna Wark has been a member of the Hilltop Baptist Church for many years. The children all attended Sunday school there, the Young People's groups, the Daily Vacation Bible schools that were held in the summer and other activities that centred around the church at that time.


William "Bill" was born in London, England, son of Robert William Warren and Julia Boyd. He was an engineer.

Bill married Mary Grace Drain, daughter of Edward Drain and Elizabeth Reid on June 30, 1912. They built a hotel in Erickson on the corner lot across from the old post office, also had the telephone office for some time, and in the front part of the hotel, Mary ran a small grocery business. The hotel burned down and they moved away from Erickson. Bill and Mary had two daughters, Pearl and Jewel.


Percy was born October 21, 1898, at Stonewall, Manitoba. He then moved to Russell, Manitoba, with his parents. He was educated at Russell schools, worked for Keatings at Silverton, Manitoba. Later bought grain at Miniota, Oakburn, and Menzie, Manitoba.

He came to Erickson in 1944 as a grain buyer in the Manitoba Pool Elevator. He was active in junior seed growers and an active curler. He passed away on June 16, 1949.

He married Edna Carter August 7, 1926 at Strathclair, Manitoba. Edna was born February 28, 1899 at Strathclair, also educated there, and worked as a telephone operator. She worked in the laundry at Erickson Hospital for many years. She now lives in the Parkland Home. Percy and Edna had one child:

Clifford born January 22, 1928 at Oakburn, Manitoba. He was educated at Menzie, Manitoba. He