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required for all the field work, their use for tran­ sportation was limited. Many trips to Erickson and Minnedosa for supplies was by foot.

Bernt and Gertrude Wickdahl.

Nearest neighbors in these early years were C .A. V.

Johnson, E. Berg, J. Hofdahl and J. Magnel!.

In her later years Gertrude moved into Erickson where she lived in a small house next to Oleniuk's blacksmith's shop. Family and friends were always welcome to drop in for a visit and a cup of coffee. Bernt passed away November 29, 1934, and Gertrude on March 25, 1955. They are laid to rest in the cemetery of the former Lutheran Church in Scandinavia where they had been active members.

Bernt and Gertrude had twelve children; The younger children attended school in Erickson.

Selma, born in 1889 in Sweden, married Alfred Bergquist. (refer to Bergquist, Alfred and Selma).

Ingwal/, born 1892 in Sweden, married Ruby Grey and they had a son Leonard. Ingwall and Ruby have since deceased.

Gustav, born 1894, in Sweden, married Ida Hjelmeland. (refer to Wickdahl, Gustav and Ida).

Lydia, born 1895, in Sweden, married Oliver Johnson. (refer to Johnson, Oliver and Lydia).

Carl was born in 1898, in Sweden and married Annie Hemmingson in 1926, daughter of James and Clara Hemmingson. They lived and farmed on the N. W. 11-18- 18W until 1940 when he joined the C.N.R. as a fireman and moved to Prince George and later to Jasper. He retired in 1963, and in 1970 moved to Winnipeg. They had one daughter who died in infancy. Carl passed away in 1980 in Winnipeg and Annie in 1982 in Winnipeg. They were both laid to rest in the Scandinavia Cemetery.

John was born in Ocke, Sweden, in 1901. He came to Canada in 1904, landing in Ingram Port, Nova Scotia. In 1911, he moved with his parents to the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, N.W. 2-18-18W. On September 5, 1928, John married Helga Hemmingson, daughter of James and Clara Hemmingson of the


Scandinavia district. Helga was born in 190 1, at Scan­ dinavia. Two years prior to this, in 1926, John became employed by the C.N.R. Due to hard times, he was laid off a couple of years later and started a sawmill on 34-18- 17W. The sawmill was in operation for a few years and in 1931, he applied for a PSV license and he, along with two others in the Province of Manitoba, was granted one. Thus the Erickson Transfer came into being. Two trips a week were made between Erickson and Winnipeg. In 1939, John recalled to the C.N.R. and while he worked out of Edmonton, Helga looked after the Transfer business. On September 5, 1944, after having sold the Transfer, John and Helga moved to Winnipeg. John passed away in 1966, and Helga in 1975. Both have their final resting place in the Erickson Cemetery. John and Helga had two daughters, Angela married Gerald Simpson on Angela's mother and dad's 25th An­ niversary. They have two boys, Rick and Laurie and have resided in Calgary since 1971. Wilma resides in the house that John built in Winnipeg.

Bernt Wickdahl Boys. Left to Right: Ingwall, Gust, John, Bernt, Arvid, Billy, and Carl.

Arvid Edward, born February 8, 1903, in Morsil Jamtland, Sweden. In 1904, he arrived in Canada and in 1911, Arvid stayed in Winnipeg with his sister Selma. In 1912, Arvid came to the Rural Municipality to live with his parents. He worked for several farmers in the area and on January 4, 1924, he applied for a homestead N.E. 34-18-17W and received the title April 23, 1930. He worked for Arne Hillstrand and later with his brother John for some years at the sawmill on the homestead N.E. 34-18-17W. He drove a truck doing local trucking and then drove for brother John at the Erickson Tran­ sfer. In 1938, Arvid married Eveline Bowering and in 1941, they moved to Winnipeg where he worked at the Truck Depot, Canadian Liquid Air and then to Vulcan Iron Works, retiring in 1968. Arvid passed away July 27, 1983, Eveline resides in Winnipeg. Arvid and Eveline had four children; Mardi deceased, Harold deceased 1940, Norman born 1939, married Gerry Sylvestre. Norman is employed with the Winnipeg City Police. They had three children, Kimalison deceased in 1959, Jacqueline and Glen. Gertrude "Trudy", born in 1943, married Edwin