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Brewer, Harry and Ruth).

Earl, born 1945, married Valerie Delmage from Minnedosa, in 1972. They have two girls, CoJeen and

Koreen. They own the half section Gustav had and also s.w. IS-IS-17W and live in the house that Gustav and Ida built. Earl and Valerie are members of the Erickson Lutheran Church and enjoy mixed curling. Earl is a member of the Erickson Lions Club and has served on the Erickson and District Recreation Centre. Valerie is on the executive of Parkland Home, Erickson.


William Oscar "Billy", born July 22, 1908, in Nova Scotia. He is the only surviving son of Bernt and Ger­ trude Wick dahl. At the age of three, Billy came with his parents, brothers and sisters to N.W. 2-18-18W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. He received his elementary and high school at Erickson. Billy worked at several places but primarily with his parents and older brothers on the farm and the sawmill.

In 1940, he married Nancy Nystrom, daughter of Ruth and Albert Nystrom of the Hilltop district. Billy and Nancy reside on the farm N. W. 2-18-1SW where his parents, Bernt and Gertrude first settled in 1911. Billy was assisted on the farm for many years by William "Bill" Alberts. William and Nancy have one son, Kenneth.

Kenneth Allan, born October 30, 1945, attended school at Otter Lake and Erickson Collegiate. He worked on construction and farmed with his father. Ken, later worked for several years as a welder at Agristeel, Min­ nedosa. On December 5, 1969, he married Sharon Borley of Flin Flon. Sharon was an Elementary school teacher in Erickson at the time. They resided in Erickson and Flin Flon before building a home just west of his parents' home on the family farm N.W. 2-18-18W. They presently farm, and Ken does welding as a side-line. Ken and Sharon enjoy mixed curling. They have two children; Kory Allan, born January 24, 1974, and Kristyn Anne, born September 24, 1976. Kory and Kristyn attend school at Erickson.


by Sedora Klinkow

Albin, born May 9, 1893, in the Parish of As, Jam­ tland, Sweden. He immigrated to the United States at 16 years of age, working in Minnesota for farmers and a Bed Factory. Albin then came to Canada, to The Pas, Manitoba, where he worked for the Hudson Bay Railroad and while there in 1914, he became a Naturalized Canadian Citizen.

He moved to the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam where he had an uncle, Nils E. Holm. Albin worked on farms in the area.

Albin met and married Jennie Ostrom, daughter of Gustav and Anna Ostrom of the Scandinavia area.

Albin and Jennie purchased N.E. 33-17-18W and after


Albin and Jennie Wickstrom.

five years, they moved to Erickson and started a Meat Market Business. Approximately 1930, they built and operated a meat Marketing business at Clear Lake for several years and then in 1937, back to Erickson where he built a Grocery Store and Meat Market, to keep the children busy, he said.

Albin purchased beef cattle for his own business and also shipped carloads of cattle to the Stock Yards at Winnipeg. The meat market machines were in later years donated by the family to the Museum and Archives at Edmonton, Alberta.

He once bought wild horses from Alberta to sell to local farms. The real Cowboys from Alberta came along to help break them in. The children from Erickson used to love to visit the stockyard and run along the top walkways between the pens.

Later, Albin bought and sold hides, furs and Seneca root and was an Agent for John Deere and International Harvester farm machinery. He and Oswald Gusdal had a Pontiac Car Dealership for a time.

Albin loved to play Bridge and many times during severe snow storms and no one could come to town, Albin, Albert Ramgren and Lou Slawsky and others would have an enjoyable game.

Jennie was a good cook and often kept boarders in their home. In the late 1940's, the Wickstrom's moved to Brandon and later to Alberta where Jennie passed away on March 11, 1968, and Albin on July 10, 1968.

Albin and Jennie had four children born at Erickson where they attended school and were active in the community.

Gladys, married Joseph Westman and they reside at Mississauga, Ontario.

Fred, while growing up at Erickson, played hockey with the local team. Fred learned to play the Clarinet and Mandolin. He and other members of the band practiced in the Wickstrom's Parlor and sometimes his father, mother and friends would play Bridge in the dining room at the same time. The Band was once invited to play at a