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Thomas Herbert, born 1874, in England, died June 16, 1943. Herb left· his home in Nottingham, England, in April, 1895, where he had been apprenticing in an iron foundry but he gave that up to come to Minnedosa, Manitoba. His two younger brothers, John and Charlie arrived separately later. Herb and John bought the Northwest quarter section 34 in what is now known as the Crocus district from William Johnston who had homesteaded it and built himself a little log cabin. The two young men lived in the log cabin for several years. In those days, horses were used to work the land and for means of conveyance, they also used theirs to race in the local fairs.

Homes were heated with wood, cut by axe while clearing the land, coal oil lamps gave light to the homes at night. An old family picture shows the two brothers and a friend taken in the interior of the cabin with the walls covered with wolf pelts, calendars, guns and pipe racks as w.ell as household cooking items such as frying pans, pots displayed on the walls.

A sister, Jessie, Mrs. Harry Booth, of Rivers, came out from England to keep house for the two boys until such time as Herbert married and John moved to Bethany district.

The First Wilmot Home - Herbert and Friend.

Herbert married Fanny Charlotte Campbell, a little Irish girl, born December 14, 1881, who lived on the adjoining farm, at All Saints Church on January 23, 1901. Even though the family lived miles from any large centre of population, they were church orientated. On Sundays, the whole family went, rain, shine, snowstorm and below zero weather. Herbert met with a crippling accident and subsequently was forced to bed where he still supervised the farm work which the older boys carried on with before and after school. Fanny died on March 21, 1978.

Herbert and Fanny had nine children:

Elsie, born October 7, 1901, married C. Kingdon.

From this marriage there were seven children. Clarence and Elsie live in Minnedosa.

John "Jack" Herbert - (refer to Wilmot, Jack and Florence).

Archibald Campbell, born November 6, 1905. He married Agnes Forest on January 17, 1949. They had two children. They reside in Victoria, B.C.

Laurence Frank, born April 27, 1907. He married Edythe Louise Hope Littlewood. They had three children. Hope and Laurie now reside in Winnipeg.

Frances Elizabeth, born September 8, 1908, passed away November 10, 1970.

Margaret Caroline, born June 14, 1911. She married Kenneth MacQuarrie on November 25, 1939. They have two sons.

Kathleen Edith, born July 24, 1916. She married James MacKay on July 30,1941.

Walter Polden - (refer to Wilmot, Walter and Lily).


John Herbert, eldest son of Herbert and Fanny Wilmot, born October 6, 1904. He attended school at Crocus Hill until the age of 14.

His father met with a crippling accident which left him unable to continue farming. At this time, Jack as a young lad and his mother took over the responsibility of run­ ning the home farm, the farming being all done by horses.

In 1945, when his youngest brother came home from overseas, they switched to tractor farming. From this point on they have shared farm duties, acquiring more land and switching from mixed to straight grain farming.

On June 6, 1953, Jack married Florence Marten of Winnipeg. They have one son Thomas Campbell, born December 15,1956.

Florence and Jack Wilmot.