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Alex Zachedniak Fami/y. Back Row, Left to Right: Alex, Barry, Bev, Darlene, Morley, Elizabeth, Jerry. Front Row: Martha, Cory, Tracey, Tonneil, Kylie, Wayne, Brenda, and Daina.

Wayne Edward, born July 26, 1953, at Minnedosa. He attended school in Erickson where he was active in sports and later completed his education in Business Ad­ ministration at Red River Community College in Win­ nipeg. On June 3, 1973, Wayne married Brenda Piett, daughter of William and Leila Piett of Onanole. They resided in Winnipeg, while Wayne was attending college. During this time, Brenda was employed with Kimberly­ Clark. After Wayne graduated, they moved to Min­ nedosa, where Wayne was employed at Chimo Lumber. Brenda worked in the Personal Care Home. Wayne joined his father-in-law Wm. Piett and worked at the Trading Post Store in Clear Lake. Wayne and Brenda then moved to Onanole where they now reside with their three daughters; Daina, born June 9, 1976, Jacqueline, born April 17, 1978, and Kilie born February 10,1982.

Jerry James, born October 2, 1955, at Minnedosa. He attended school at Erickson and was active in sports winning trophies and ribbons. On May 10, 1980, he married Elizabeth Edel of Roblin, Manitoba. Jerry now farms on his father-in-law's farm. His wife Elizabeth is employed at the Royal Bank in Roblin.

Morley Lou, born February 5, 1959, at Minnedosa Hospital. He attended school in Erickson and furthered his education at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon in the Field of Corrections. Morley is employed at the Headingly Correctional Institute as a Corrections Officer.


John was born at Baily Potoh, Chortkiw, son of Mike and Annie Zatylny. On June 16, 1907, at 23 years of age, he immigrated to Canada. He received a homestead, a quarter of 1-18-19W in the Rural Municipality of Harrison, receiving his mail at Erickson Post Office.

On November 14,1911, John married Teklia Bednarz, daughter of Steve and Annie Bednarz. Teklia came to


Canada in 1910, at 23 years, from Skomaraski, Trem­ boulia.

John and Teklia and family were active members of St.

Anthony Roman Catholic Church, Rackham. They lived on the farm until 1944, retiring to Erickson and have both since passed away.

They had three children who attended school at Round Lake; Marian, Joseph and Mike.

Marian, married Mary Lasiuta, daughter of Wasyl and Anastizia Lasuita of Oakburn, Manitoba. Marian and Mary resided in Erickson for several years. They now reside at Richmond, B.C. Their two sons are: Walter who graduated from Erickson Collegiate. He married Joan Schellenberg and they have two sons, Chris and Mark. The family reside at Richmond, B.C. Rudy married Orchid Goolivitch and they have two daughters, Shana and Sherri. The family reside at Richmond, B.C.

Joseph passed away in 1956.

Mike married Annie Lasiuta of Oakburn, Manitoba, and they have two children; Sonja married George McEving, their three children are Miles, Tracy and Kirstan. They reside at Calgary, Alberta. Wesley resides at Calgary, Alberta.


by Caroline Bachewich

Thomas was born December 23, 1893 in Baily Potik, Chortkiw, Poland. He immigrated to Canada in 1912, and settled in the Ozerna district of the Rural Municipality of Harrison.

On November 10, 1919, Thomas married Anielka Chajkowski at the Holy Ghost Church, Sandy Lake. Anielka was born May 24, 1900, at Husatyn Tornopil, Austria.

They purchased a farm, one quarter of 21-17-19W where they farmed and resided for several years.

In 1969, Thomas and Anielka retired from the farm and purchased a home in Erickson from Mrs. Warrington. They celebrated their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary the same year.

Over the years, they were members of the St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church Rackham and later the St. Jude's Church, Erickson. Thomas passed away Sep­ tember 9, 1971, and was buried at the St. Anthony cemetery, Rackham.

In the spring of 1972, Anielka sold her home to Jacob and Mary Weselowski and resided with her children until she passed on November 18, 1976. She was buried beside her husband at St. Anthony cemetery, Rackham.

Thomas and Anielka had six children who attended school at Jackfish No. 1367.

Caroline, born November 2,1920, on 21-17-19W in the Harrison Municipality. From 1927-1934, she helped her parents on the farm and then worked in homes in the area. Caroline married Harry Bachewich. (refer to Bachewich, Harry and Caroline).

Leona, born November 3, 1921, and passed away December 10,1921.

Lucia, born April 22, 1923, and now resides in Win-