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Dan was born April 28, 1924. He married Ann Sokal on October 15, 1949, and farmed in the Rural Municipality of Harrison. They have three children; Sharon, Larry and Audrey. Sharon, born May 4, 1951. She married Reg Nylen. (refer to Nylen, Art and Stella). Larry, born December 26, 1954. He married Marie Nylen, daughter of Art and Stella Nylen on June 21, 1975. Larry and Marie farm in the Harrison Municipality and enjoy mixed curling at Erickson. They have two children, Marsha and Scott. Audrey was born January 27,1960.

Michael was born September 13, 1925, and he married Doreen Mackleburg. They and their two children, Brenda and Randy reside at Sundre, Alberta.

Jean, was born July 4, 1929 and passed away August 26,1931.


by Irene Kopeechuk

Wasyl Zwarich, born January 14, 1875, from the Village of Vehifchiv, Ukraine came to Canada in 1901 along with his future in-law's, Nichol and Pearl Trewichka, their son George, daughter Anne and their married daughter Mary and husband Protz Ewasiuk.

Upon his arrival out west, he stayed in Winnipeg a short time then came to Huns Valley (Polonia).

Wasyl married Anne Trewichka in Polonia in 1902.

Anne was born in 1882. They settled on the homestead on N.E. 2-18-17W in May, 1903. Wasyl worked on the homestead from spring to the end of August clearing land and building their house and farm buildings. During the months of September and October he worked out har­ vesting and threshing near Franklin. Anne remained on the farm looking after the livestock and caring for their children. By September, 1908, Wasyl had built a one storey log house 12' x 22', a log stable 16' x 24' and another stable 16' x 36' and had cleared 10 acres of land. All buildings were plastered with a mud and straw mixture to help keep out the cold. This was all mixed and applied by hand. He had also built Anne a clay oven. For livestock, he had two horses and nine head of cattle.

One day Anne went to the pasture (which at this time was all bush) to bring the cows home for milking. While bringing them home she got lost and ended up spending the night with the cows in the pasture. The next morning the cows led her home.

During the winter, Wasyl cut cord wood and would make a trip to Minnedosa with the horses and sleigh, loaded with one cord of wood. This trip usually started at 3 A.M. and he wouldn't return home till between 4-6 P.M., depending on the weather. The price of a cord of wood at that time was only $1.00 - $2.00 and most times the wood was bartered for staples, flour, sugar etc.

In 1928, Wasyl along with a number of neighbours started the construction of St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church west of Kerr's Lake. Wasyl and Anne donated a silver tray to be used as a collection plate. This tray was a wedding gift from the people that Wasyl had worked for

at the time. His wife and family were all members of this church.

Anne's health started to fail her in 1933. By 1941, she was bedridden. She was attended by her husband, sons and daughters, living in the district. Anne passed away April 12, 1950, and was buried at the Kerr's Lake cemetery. On September 2, 1954, Wasyl disappeared.

There were fifteen children born to Wasyl and Anne.

Three died in infancy, two died during the flu epidemic. All the children were born on the farm without the aid of a doctor except Pearl.

Their children attended Norland school, three miles away from home. They walked this distance across fields, through bush, then cart trail. School usually closed at the end of October because of the weather.

Wasy/ and Anne Zwarich.

Their 10 surviving children are:

Anne born in 1908. She married Bill Buhay of Sandy Lake in November, 1928. This was the first marriage performed at the St. Mary's church, Kerr's Lake. They had five children; Steve resides out west, Harry and wife Verna reside in British Columbia, they have a son Loni and daughter Jessie, Helen and husband Albert reside at Grand Centre, Alberta. Their children; Harold and wife reside in Alberta, Debbie and husband Glen and children, Sylvia and Colin, reside in British Columbia. Sherry resides at home. Anne passed away in the fall of 1950 and is burried at Sandy Lake Cemetery.

Margaret born September 14, 1910. She married Walter Shuya of Preeceville, Saskatchewan, on November, 1926, at St. Mary's Church, Mountain Road. They resided in Montreal and later Toronto, Ontario. Margaret and Walter's nine children are; Mary born on the Zwarich homestead September 9, 1928. She married Jack Chunik of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan. They had a son Ted born July 23, 1955. Jack passed away in 1979. Mary and her son Ted reside in Winnipeg. Florence born