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sold his farm but still resides there. Metro cuts cord wood for himself and for sale. He still enjoys helping on the farm.


by Rosie Zwarich

Helen and John Zwarich.

John was born at home on May 29, 1920. He remained on his father's farm S.E. 2-18-17W. Starting in 1935, John cut cord wood during the winter months and hauled it by team and sleigh to Minnedosa. In 1940, he helped fight fire in the Riding Mountain National Park. In 1943- 44, he served in the armed forces in World War II. Again he returned to the farm, he rebuilt a barn that had been destroyed by fire. On January 28, 1956, John married Helen Gregorash of Sandy Lake, Manitoba. They lived on the family farm and purchased more land adjacent to the homestead. John, his brothers Pete and Mike built a sawmill in 1961 and now John and his sons operate it. A new home was built on the farm which Father Wasyl applied for patent May 18, 1909, and received it November 3, 1912. Helen works at Riding Mountain National Park during the summer months. They have seven children who attended school at Erickson; Willie born November 4, 1956, Leo born June 27, 1958. They are working away from home but return on weekends. Rosie born November 28, 1959 and is employed as a waitress at Minnedosa. Harry born January 8, 1961, has remained on the farm. Terry born August 1, 1965 also remained on the farm. Allan born February 14, 1973. Mary born August 8, 1975. Allan and Mary are presently attending school at Erickson.


by Christine

Peter born March 21, 1922, in the Scandinava area. He received his education at Norland school. He served with the Winnipeg Rifles in Canada in 1941 and went overseas

and joined the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders in action. He returned to Canada in June, 1946. He married Christine Boyko on July 19, 1947. They farmed in the Hilltop district until 1977, at which time they moved to Alberta. They lived in Bowden for one year and in 1978 moved to aids, Alberta, where they now reside. Peter has worked for Harper Construction Company of Winnipeg from 1957-1979. He is now employed by Pioneer Grain Company Limited as a repair foreman. They have a family of five children; Carole born December 14, 1948, in the Minnedosa District Hospital. She received her Elementary education at Hilltop and graduated from the Erickson Collegiate. On June 7, 1969, she married David Dmytriw of Basswood. They took up residence at Basswood where David was employed with Gulf Canada. In 1972, David and Carole entered into the business venture as Dave's Gulf Service where a year later, 1973, they took up residence in Minnedosa. Dave is presently employed at the Mohawk Oil Gasahol Plant in Min­ nedosa and studying for his fourth class engineer. Carole is presently employed at the Minnedosa Nursery school with which she has been involved for nine years. They have been blessed with three children; Terry Michael born September 30, 1970, Christopher James born June 8, 1972, and Cindy Leigh-Ann born August 29, 1977. Larry, born on May 16, 1952, in Erickson, Manitoba. He received his education at Hilltop and graduated from Erickson High school. He married Geraldine Kwiatkowski on July 5, 1975. They lived in Minnedosa until 1977, at which time they moved to Alberta. They now live in Red Deer, Alberta with their daughter Jen­ nifer and manage an apartment building. Larry worked for Harper Construction from 1972-1978 and for Great West Feeds Limited of Red Deer from 1978 to present time. Leonard born June 24, 1958, and received his education and graduated at Erickson, Manitoba. In 1977, he moved to Alberta, and lived at home while working with Harper Construction Co. Ltd. of Winnipeg. He worked as an apprentice mechanic for College Pontiac of aids, Alberta, and later for H & R Pontiac there. He finished his mechanics training at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta. He married Colleen Lambrecht in 1981 and they have a son Erick. He and his wife live in Innisfail and have been operating a Service Station. Melvyn born December 7, 1960. He attended Erickson school to grade 10. He received grade eleven in Bowden, Alberta and graduated from aids High school, aids, Alberta. While going to school he also worked at an LG.A. grocery store. He is presently employed by Pioneer Grain Company Limited and living at home. Murray was born September 9, 1966. He received part of his education at Erickson Elementary school. He attended Bowden school, Bowden, Alberta, at the aids High school where he is presently taking grade eleven. He has also worked part-time in a confectionery store for the past three years. He lives at home with his parents.