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Back Row, Left to Right: Metro, Mike, Margaret, Anne, Lillian. Middle Row: Wasyl with Peter on lap, John, Anne, Pearl. Centre:

Nellie and Christine.

July 26, 1930, at Montreal. She married Peter Guzak of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan. They reside in Winnipeg. Their three children are; Jerry, born October 26, 1950. He and wife Kathy and son Colin, born March 18, 1983, reside in Winnipeg. Wayne, born July 19, 1952. He and wife Marilyn and son Dwayne, born July 26, 1980, reside at Brampton, Ontario. Darlene, born November 14, 1956. She and her husband John Rice reside in Winnipeg. William "Bill", born March 14, 1932, in Montreal. He

married Olga Sorenson of Edmonton, Alberta. Bill and Olga reside at Swan River, Manitoba. Their two children are daughter Jackie, born April 17, 1953. She resides at Le Due, Alberta. Robert, born August 25, 1960. Robert lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with his wife Sharon.

Helen a twin, born August 27, 1934, at Montreal. She has three children by a previous mariage. Helen and children reside in Toronto where they were born. They are, Deborah, born May 3, 1963. Janey and Jimmy (twins), born December 25,1968.

Pauline, a twin, born August 27, 1934, in Montreal.

She married Henry Durda of Toronto and they presently reside at Lake Havasu, Arizona. They have three sons; Sandy, born September 23, 1955, and resides in Toronto, Paul, born December 5, 1965, and resides in Arizona, Steven, born January 6, 1966, and resides in Toronto.

Edna born December 19, 1937 in Montreal. She married Frank Ledger of Toronto. They reside in the Port Hope area in Ontario.

John, a twin born February 25, 1940, in Toronto. (His twin brother died in infancy), John married Eleanor Witiuk of Toronto where they presently reside. Their daughter Lori Anne was born October 17, 1972.

Irene, born August 9, 1946. She married Allen Kopeechuk. (refer to Kopeechuk, Jack and Katherine).

Lillian born February 27, 1914. She moved to Mon­ treal in 1934 where she lived with her sister Margart. Lillian married Anthony Batiuk from Barah,Ukraine on July 12, 1937. They moved to Chatham, Ontario in 1946. Anthony passed away in November, 1968. Lillian resides at Chatham. Anthony and Lillian were blessed with a


daughter Mary Ann, born January 22, 1940 at Montreal. She married Frank Stefina from Puchov, Czechoslovakia on August 8, 1959. They have two daughters and two sons and are presently living on a farm near Blenheim, Ontario. Susan born March 8, 1962 Francis born March 26, 1963, John and Edward (twins) born February 26, 1966

Christine was born September 11, 1917. In 1938 she moved to Montreal, returning back to the farm for two years and again returned to Montreal to live with sister Lillian. On January 23, 1943, Christine married Alex Kitor of Ojvck, Rava Ruska, Ukraine. They have two children: Bill born December, 1943 and resides in Ottawa with his wife Nina and two sons. Paul was born August 29, 1968 and Michael was born September 26, 1972. Olive born June 10, 1945. She and her husband Richard and three children live on a farm near Merlin, Ontario. The children; David born August 18, 1971, Jennifer born August 22, 1972 and Jane born September 8, 1975. Alex Kitor passed away August 23, 1983.

Nellie born January 3, 1919. She also moved to Montreal for a time but returned to the farm. Nellie married Frank Woywada of the Scandinavia district on October 5, 1946. (refer to Woywada, Frank and Nellie).

Pearl born May 17, 1925. Dr. Rutledge attended with Mrs. Kaplunski as midwife. Pearl married Gabriel Yakiwchuk of the Mountain Road district. (refer to Yakiwchuk, Gabriel and Pearl).


by Marie Wonsul

Mike born November 6, 1912. He worked on his father's farm until his marriage to Helen Semenchuk on November 8,1937. They moved to S.E. 26-18-17W, then in 1956 to S.E. 23-18-17W. They remained there until 1964 when they sold the farm. Mike and Helen resided at Chatham, Ontario, for six months, returned to Min­ nedosa where they purchased a home. Mike was em­ ployed by Harper Construction, retiring in 1982. Their children are: Marie, born April 10, 1938. She received her education at Lund school. Marie married Paul W onsul on October 25, 1958. (refer to Wonsul, Bill and Katie).

Barbara, born December 7, 1943. She received her education at Lund and Erickson school. Barbara worked for five years until her marriage to Jack Riley of Brandon on May 19, 1973. They reside in Edmonton, Alberta. Their children are; James, born May 13, 1979, Christopher born September 18, 1981, Michael, born June, 1983.


by the Family

Metro born December 7, 1915, attended Norland school for a short time. Work on the farm came first. He worked on farms in the Neepawa district, also for his father and brother John. In 1950, he purchased a farm, much later he worked on road construction crews. He