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The Erickson Fire Department at the Chris Skovmose Garage fire.

Commencing in May, 1968, fire protection has been jointly funded by the Village and the Rural Municipality of Clan william as it is today. In this same year, a 1964 truck was purchased and the conversions were made. In 1970, a furnace and bathroom facilities were added, and in 1982, new pumping equipment was installed on the truck. The Fire Department serves the Village of Erickson, the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and are members of Mutual Aid standby.


Several years-1954 1954-1956 1957-1958 1959-1963 1964-1966 1967-1974 1975-1979 1980-1981 1982-1983

Chris Skovemose Peter Oleniuk

Edward Mcinnes - Ken Graham

Ken Graham - William "Bill" Tinkler Ken Graham - Harold Stitt

Harold Stitt - Arthur Holmberg Harold Stitt - Dennis Skog

Harold Stitt - Wilbert Jacobson Wilbert Jacobson - Dennis Skog Dennis Skog - Ken Podruski

Due to lack of records we were unable to list the volunteer men who assisted the Chief and Deputy through the years.

In the early 1950's and for several years later the Volunteer Fire Department sponsored a Firemen's Ball, and in the later years sold raffle tickets, to purchase Christmas Hampers for the needy and elderly. They now sponsor a carnival queen candidate jointly with the Erickson Legion to raise funds for the Skating Rink.

Over the years, some of the fires the local fire department attended were Doner's store and home, Sam Bolt's Confectionery, Charlie Bengtson's home and Bengtson's Garage, Mrs. Warren's Hotel, Mannie Ramgren's Store, Hartvig Hanson's Blacksmith, the Pool Elevator, Gushuliak's Store, Chris Skovmose Garage, the Chalet at Clear Lake, and the Mountain Road Church.



by Archie Campbell, Manitoba Telephone System

Telephone service was introduced to Manitoba when Horace McDougall installed the first pair of Butterstamp telephones in Winnipeg in November, 1877. In 1881 Mr. McDougall sold his interests to Bell Telephone. The system was purchased by the Manitoba Government in 1908 for $3.3 million. The original name, Manitoba Government Telephones, was later changed to Manitoba Telephone System.

Prior to the telephone in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and unincorporated Village, when an emergency arose or a need of assistance, persons had to go by foot, horseback or horse-drawn vehicle to their nearest neighbor for help, or twenty to thirty miles to the nearest Doctor.

Erickson Telephone Office with Alf Thoren at the Switchboard.

Manitoba Telephone System - Erickson.

The provincial directory of 1917 is the first edition with an Erickson listing. At that time there was only a toll office and the Agent was Henry Miller. The first list of private subscribers appeared in the 1921 directory with a total of nineteen telephones. At this time Lena Stitt (Mrs. Lena Stone) was hired as the Telephone operator. In 1923, Mrs. W. Warren was appointed agent and had the exchange in her boarding house with Dorothy Drain as operator. When the boarding house burned down in the fall of 1926, Marius Brekke operated the exchange in his