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Ramgren, R.B. Johnson, James Turner, Ed Londry, Gust Bengston and A.A. North. In 1925, Herman Arm­ strong was appointed Constable for the unincorporated Village of Erickson. The Provincial Police commenced duties at Minnedosa in 1920 replacing the Northwest Mounted Police. The Provincial Police, then patrolled the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and The Rolling River Reserve when called upon. A note of interest: In 1923, Wallace Johnstone a member of the Provincial Police patrolled by horseback, the boundary line of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and Rolling River Reserve during a Small Pox epidemic on the Reserve. Constable Johnstone stayed at the home of P.K. and Minnie Peterson of the Erickson district.

In 1932, when the Provincial Police integrated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam received assistance from them. In the 1960's, the Village of Erickson, hired constables: Melvin Wetteland 1963-1965 and Wilbert Jacobson 1966-1969.

On July 18, 1967, the Village of Erickson Council requested that the Attorney General's Department provide R.C.M.P. protection for Erickson, and August 15, 1967, Council requested the Federal Justice Department to financially aid the venture. On April 1, 1968, R.C.M.P. Wasagaming Detachment, Police protection commenced with the Federal Justice Department paying 53 % of the cost.

In 1981, a new arrangement was made whereby a settlement with a population between 500 to 750 persons no longer contributed funds for police protection. The Program is totally funded by the Federal Justice Department. The officers of the Wasagaming detach­ ment became actively involved in the community, leading color parties for parades at the Village festivities, Skidoo­ a-thons for the Recreation Centre, Sports coaches for the young people and more recently arranged and hosted annual Halloween dances for the area youth.

At present, in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam the R.C.M. Police Minnedosa patrol south of No. 357 "Mountain Road" and the Wasagaming Detachment north of No. 357. The Minnedosa Detachment also patrol No. 10 Highway through Rural Municipality of Clan william .


by Ed. McInnes and Leona Gustafson

information by: The Rural Municipality of Clan william and the Village of Erickson records.

In 1923, a "Fire Apparatus" was purchased by the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and the first Fire Hall was located in Erickson, at the west end of Main Street:

The "apparatus" was a buggy, with Chemical tanks and hoses mounted on it, and was pulled by local volunteer men. We were told that this machine was not very ef­ ficient, apparently if the wrong valve was turned, it would freeze up so it was back to the bucket brigade to the nearest well. Later, the fire apparatus was housed at Peter Oleniuk's Blacksmith Shop, who was fire chief at the time and for several years later, also it was very convenient for him to do repairs. Chris Skovmose was

Erickson Fire Hall at the west end of Main Street.

chief for some time.

In the spring of 1953, the newly incorporated Village of Erickson purchased a used truck from Gordon's Service an eight hundred gallon tank from Army Surplus, a pump and other parts which were required. Again, the volunteer men and Chief Oleniuk did the conversion.

The truck remained at the shop until a new firehall was constructed, in the fall of the same year, on first street north, west of the Angus Madill home. Angus was the contractor for the building. A well was dug on the lot for the water supply and Ed McInnes was hired as caretaker keeping the oil burner supplied with fuel which was a daily chore during the winter months.

After the incorporation of the Village, a local volunteer fire department was officially formed. In 1955, a fire siren was installed, and in 1967 a lot on Centre Avenue South was purchased from George Woloshen. The fire hall was moved to that location which later had an extension built on it to house the new ambulance.

A fire at Charlie Bengtson Garage.