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Otter Lake looking southward, August 23, 1948.

During the early years of the formation of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, there were no Health Services available in the area. Home remedies were used and several pioneer women took upon themselves on request from neighbors, the service of Midwifery. They assisted at times of "home birth", flu, smallpox, diphtheria and other illness. A wonderful service was rendered by these pioneer women, often leaving their own families to help others. Some of the women were:

Mrs. "Pete" Johnson, Mrs .. Ellen Nystrom, and Mrs. Barbara Kuplinski, of the eastern area of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. Some of the first babies born in the Scandinavia Colony were: Hannah Larson, Fritz Lundgren - 1888, Ebba Hemmingson - 1889, Henry Carlson - 1889, Fred Wetteland - 1889. The nearest doctor was at Minnedosa. At times of emergencies, a message had to be delivered to Minnedosa which requested the doctor to come. He arrived in a horse­ drawn vehicle, and often performed operations on the kitchen table.

A news quotation of 1885 noting that "Dr. W. J .

Roche of Minnedosa has been appointed by the Provincial Government for the Counties of Minnedosa and the Riding Mountain". The local Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam council sent grants to the Provincial Government to cover part of the cost for these services.

In 1906, when the erection of a new hospital in Min­ nedosa was being seriously discussed, Minnedosa Board of Trade sent out requests to neighboring Municipalities for donations towards a building fund.

News item: June 26, 1908 - Rural Municipality of Clan william Council meeting, Motion by Benson and Sillen, that the sum of $300.00 be granted toward the erection of the Lady Minto Hospital.

Some other Doctors who served this area in the early years were Dr. J.N. Andrew, Dr. Montague, Dr. Gorell, and Dr. Onhouser and were often called during epidemics.

Midwives continued travelling from home to home

/st Municipal Doctor in Manitoba - Dr. Earl J. Rutledge serving in the R.M. of Clanwilliam.

Mrs. Elizabeth Biczo outside her Nursing Home with three unidentified babies.