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first beds, overbed tables, and in 1975 the twenty-fifth anniversary year, a heart monitor and defribrillator was installed. Refrigerator and dishes for the kitchen and many other supplies for the ward and kitchen have been purchased. A baby cup has been presented to the "New Year's baby" born each year. "Meals on Wheels" service for senior citizens in the Village was set up in the year 1973, with meals supplied from the hospital kitchen, and has continued for five days a week for from three to twelve persons a day for the past ten years. Volunteer drivers from the District and Village have assisted greatly in keeping this service possible.

The "Memorial Fund" established in 1952-53, has made possible the purchase of many special articles for the hospital. A bursary of $50.00 in the early years and now increased to $100.00 has been presented to a graduate student of the hospital area who is entering the nursing profession.

When the hospital wards were first furnished various community clubs and organizations raised funds to pay for these furnishings. These groups were the Clear Lake school district, Hilltop, Lund and Westmount, Erickson Legion Branch No. 143, Erickson Women's Institute, Erickson Lions Club, Erickson Hospital Aid, and some case room supplies from the estate of the late Robert "Bob" Johnson, deceased May 6, 1951.


The first meeting was held on February 8, 1950 at The Chapel to organize a Hospital Aid. Viola Miller opened the meeting, Alma Paulsen was Secretary, and Edna Waterbury as Chairwoman. Forty-five women attended.

The constitution of the Women's Hospital Aid and the Minnedosa Hospital Aid were read by Viola Miller. This outlined to the gathering some of the responsibilities a local hospital places on the women of the district.

Emil Johnson, Chairman of the Hospital Board, ad­ dressed the meeting, giving a report on the progress of the hospital. Those present from the Village and immediate school district decided to form a Hospital Aid rather than work through organizations already in existence. A slate of officers were elected by ballot: President - Rose Oleniuk, 1st Vice-President - Alma Paulsen, 2nd Vice­ President - Edna Warrington, Secretary - Lillian John, Treasurer - Martina Skovmose. Mary Lasek was elected as a representative for the Auxiliary.

Fees were discussed and set at $1.00 per member. At this time the hospital was still in the building stage, hoping it would be ready some time in June.

'The Aid meetings are held the second Monday of each month except July and August.

Many ways and means have been used by the Aid to raise funds. They introduced telephone whist to the district, raising $170.60, their first venture. Yearly a birthday tea is held, including sale of hand work and home cooking. They have served for two Co-op Neighbor Nights, also sponsored a dance and lunch after a Women's Institute program, and on an Amateur night. They also circulated an apron with patches sewn on and a

donation enclosed. Not until 1952 was a silver collection taken for lunch at meetings. The Aid assisted the Hospital Auxiliary with lunch on opening of the hospital.

In the fall of 1958 the birthday calendar was started, the Aid canvased for birthday names. They did mending and sewing along with other affiliated groups represented on the Auxiliary board. A rag drive netted 2900 lbs., and they made a house to house canvas for fruit and vegetables.

The Aid now buy necessary articles for the kitchen.

They donated $200.00 for two years for Hi and Low beds, and continue to work wholly for the hospital.


by Mary Booth Koping

In 1965 the community was faced with providing an office for its medical doctor, Dr. Donnelly or losing his services.

Community leaders decided to erect a building on a lot adjoining the hospital property. To secure funds for this, fifty people bought a share, for value $1.00 and bought unregistered term shares in amounts varying from $50. to $300. In addition, several community organizations donated varying amounts. The funds raised, built and furnished the "Clinic".

On the advice of barristers A.F. James and F.W.

Coward the organization applied for letters patent, which was granted November 22, 1965, and a corporation seal was obtained.

At a meeting January 17, 1966, the members of the first official board were elected. Namely: President - M. Slobodian, Secretary - Linus Miller, Directors - Emil Shellborn, Mrs. A. Nechewediuk, Einar Sundmark, Edward Turner, Einar Lundman, Arthur Koping, Joseph Lenkewich, and O.M.O. Gilleshammer.

The building was actually built in the summer of 1965 by Arthur Koping and had been occupied by Dr. Don­ nelly until his death in 1973, and presently by Dr. Khandelwal at nominal rentals to cover taxes, insurance, upkeep, etc.

The President is now Roy Nystrom.

"I'm So TiTWi". From The Robinson - Hince Clan ­ Aaron Lavallee.