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On December 7, 1975, the Hospital celebrated its 25th Anniversary with an Open House at the Hospital, followed by a commemorative program at the Erickson Lutheran Church. Guest Speaker for the occasion was Dr. Morley Sirett, who with his wife, Nancy, served the Erickson District for several years.

After much preparation and with the goal of im­ proving quality of care to patients in the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit, the Hospital was given Provisional Accreditation in 1977 and again in 1978. Two year Accreditation status was given in 1979 and 1981. The concept of this program is to promote and maintain a high quality of service and optimum quality of care to patients in the hospital. It is an ongoing process since each day introduces more opportunities to further im­ prove Health Care.

In May 1982, by Order in Council, the name of the hospital was changed to Erickson Hospital District No. 8A.

At present the fourteen bed hospital employs a staff of twenty five, averaging four hundred admissions per year and eighteen hundred outpatients.

The present Hospital Board consists of: Mr. John Whitaker - Chairman appointed by R.M. of Clanwilliam, Mr. Gerald Campbell - Vice-Chairman appointed by L.G.D. of Park, Mr. Fred Minty - Councillor L.G.D. of Park, Mr. Emil Shellborn - Reeve, R.M. of Clanwilliam, Mrs. Alma Paulsen - appointed by Village of Erickson, and Mr. John Ewashko - Councillor, R.M. of Harrison.


In 1974, Premier E. Schreyer announced a program to provide financial assistance to municipalities and local government districts for the provision of approved ambulance services. Through per capita grants, the program would provide financial assistance toward the capital costs of ambulances, communications equipment, and operating costs. Assistance to municipalities and local government districts would be based on a per capita grant ranging from $1.00 to $1.50 taking into account an equalized assessment formula. He encouraged municipalities to join other municipalities to form joint services.

In 1975, a new ambulance was bought for Erickson with a sizeable amount of the monies being raised by the Lions Club of Erickson. The service was amalgamated with Minnedosa and is operated under the Min­ nedosa/Erickson Ambulance Service. The Erickson ambulance serves the Erickson, Sandy Lake, Onanole, Wasagaming, and surrounding areas and averages eighty five - one hundred calls per year. There are fourteen volunteer drivers and the attendants are largely the staff from Erickson Hospital. The ambulance is dispatched from the Erickson Hospital. In 1982 a new ambulance was purchased for the Erickson District with greatly improved storage areas, equipment, and its extra length provides a much smoother ride for the patient.


Erickson Fire Hall and Ambulance Centre.


The Erickson Ladies Hospital Auxiliary Board was organized during the year 1949, soon after the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit board had received the "go ahead" for the erection of the new medical nursing unit. The Auxiliary board was made up of appointed members from the various ladies clubs and organizations. Some of those first members of the Auxiliary were: Mesdames Viola Miller - President, Rose Turner, Evelyn Dean, Clara Larson, Thora Lofgren, and Mrs. Pete Winder.

The Auxiliary worked with the Board to assist with the choosing of furnishings for the ward, the kitchen, and staff quarters; as well as to purchase the linens and other supplies for the hospital. Members sewed many of the "linens" such as patient gowns, baby supplies, bandages, and even the drapes for the wards.

Many fund raising projects were undertaken such as teas and bake sales. One of the first projects was a "Drama Night", held at Onanole Community Hall, on November 26, 1952. Plays were presented by groups from Crawford Park, Onanole and Erickson with musical numbers from Westmount, Danvers, and Clear Creek district. Net proceeds amounted to $65.92. Admission 50¢ and lunch at 15¢.

The "Erickson and District Hospital Unit Birthday Calendar" was a project started in the year 1951, and has continued every year for the past thirty-two years. In­ come from the year 1953 "birthday names and ad­ vertising" was $441.40; cost of printing $154.90, showing a net profit of $286.50. For the 1983 calendar, income was $1,822.25, cost of printing and transportation $1,143.95, net profits to date $678.30. Each year we have a quilt raffle; profits from this project netting from $250.00 to $400.00. In the early year "Rag Drives" were held and "National Hospital Day" has been observed by having an "Open House" and tea at the Hospital.

With money raised, articles and equipment purchased for the hospital have been - a sewing machine, for sewing and mending in the early years, an X-ray machine in­ stalled in January 1953, three highlow beds to replace the