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August Lang, Son of Samuel Lang and Elizabeth Smith, and married to Kay Wiebe. August Lang is a long time farmer in the Rosenfeld area. Involved in munic­ ipal politics for many years, he was first elected councillor for Ward 5 in the au­ tumn of 1955 at the age of 40. He served the R.M. of Rhineland for 18 continous years under five different reeves. For sev­ eral terms he also served as Deputy Reeve and he held the position of Drain­ age Trustee for the combined Rhineland and Montcalm Drainage District F until the new watershed council was formed in the late sixties. August Lang also repre­ sented the R.M. of Rhineland when the Pembina Valley Development Corpora­ tion was first formed. He also served as the Chairman for the Rhineland Centen­ nial Committee for Manitoba's 1 OOth birth­ day celebrations. He was one of the leaders promoting the Altona-Rhineland Park and Swimming Pool, which today stands out as one of the beauty spots in Rhineland. August helped to organize and establish the Manitoba Pool Elevator

Local and was the first president of the Rosenfeld Pool Local Organization. When Mr. Harold Sneath, the President of the Manitoba Wheat Pool presented a scroll in tribute to August, Mr. Sneath stated: '~ugust is a senior member of Manitoba Pool Elevators, one of a dedicated group of men and women whose spirit and faith made possible the realization of this our fiftieth anniversary. To him we present this scroll in tribute and gratitude". August served as a director with Sun Valley Co-op for nine years, during several of which he was appointed Vice-Chairman, and also served as a delegate to the Federated Co-op Annual meeting at Saskatoon. He promoted and helped to organize and bring into being the senior citizens home at Rosenfeld known as Rose Valley Villa. He served as Chairman for five years and still is on the present Board of Directors. August's most recent endeavor was helping to organize the Rosenfeld Sanitation Co-op Ltd., which was incorporated on January 3, 1983. This is to bring water and sewage disposal to the village of Rosenfeld.

In provincial politics, Rhineland voters continued to support W.

C. Miller regardless of which party he represented in the provincial legislature. Originally a Conservative and a member of the wartime coalition government, Miller switched to the Liberal-Progressive Party when the Conservatives withdrew from the coalition. In Rhineland, Miller was 'the politician' who knew most voters personally and had a reputation of getting things done. 88

Another significant development in Rhineland politics was the increasing electoral support for the Social Credit candidates who gained strength at the expense of the Conservatives and Liberals. When W. C.