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Howard Winkler MP Lisgar 1935-1953. Son of Valentine Winkler of Morden, Howard Winkler served the Rhineland area in Ottawa for 18 years as a Liberal. He was especially helpful in gaining C.O. status for Mennonite youths during World War II, arid allowing them to fulfill their Alternative service on farms in the municipality.

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Miller died in 1959, 1. M. Froese, representing the Social Credit Party, narrowly won the by-election defeating D. K. Friesen and Leo Reck­ siedler.

In federal politics the voters of the municipality generally sup­ ported the Liberal candidate, Howard Winkler, who had been the Member of Parliament for Lisgar since 1935. When W. C. Miller ran against him as a Conservative in 1945, Winkler still won the election but most Rhineland polls supported Miller." The election was bitterly fought with Miller claiming that the Liberals under McKenzie King were communist, while Winkler supporters circulated a letter in Ger­ man claiming Miller's stand on enlistment varied depending on which part of the constituency he was campaigning. 90

After Winkler resigned in 1953 electoral redistribution divided the R.M. of Rhineland between the Lisgar and Provencher ridings, but the